Friday, May 8, 2015

Dear One,
     I AM the Father of plenty.  I AM the Father of blessings.  I AM the good provider. I have never changed.  From the beginning of time I sent My good benefits into the earth.  It has never changed. 
    What changed is that My first children did not heed My warning not to allow satan to come into their earth which I had given to My children from My goodness.  The first man allowed him to enter and curse everything that I had blessed. That rebellious spirit that I cast out of heaven is determined to rob My children of everything that I gave to them from the beginning of time.  But first, satan must gain the cooperation of My children through his temptations, just like Adam did.  Their cooperation comes when they obey him rather than taking My advice.  The resulting action is that My children have invited satan with his multitude of demons to bring their kingdom of hell into the lives of those who obey him.  My children are then robbed of My plentiful gifts which have already been given to them by joining in unity with their own enemy.  However, My blessings are still flowing into the earth for all who choose to operate out of My good instructions rather than the evil instructions of the devil.
      I tried to rescue all of humanity from the curses of the devil by making available to My children valuable insights through the commandments on how to avoid participating in the works of the devil and inheriting his curses instead of My blessings. The devil used My wise admonitions in the commandments to bring condemnation and guilt into the minds of My children, deceiving them into thinking that I am good and evil, eager to punish for any infraction.  That is a lie from hell.  My children needed a Savior instead of commandments. I was working on the solutions, to send them a Savior.  (Romans 8:1-5)  They also needed a guide to live inside of them to identify the devil as the one who punishes and curses.  So I sent Jesus to be their Savior.  He taught you specifically how to avoid the devil and his curses but the eyes of My children were blinded by their enemy so that they could not see the truth, that life is the earth is a battle between My good works and the devil's evil works. (John 12:39-40)
   I sent a Savior, Jesus Christ, to die for all of the sins of my children.  He  received the punishment of the devil for every infraction of the commandments.  He thought he had won the battle between good and evil but he hadn't.  My Holy Spirit reentered Jesus, raising Him from the dead and hell, and making Him the Christ, the overcoming One, the Winner in the battle.  Then We sent to earth the same power that caused Him to be a Winner in the battle between good and evil.  Any person who asks to receive My Holy Spirit receives Him immediately, the Spirit that defeated the devil in hell and wants to defeat him in the earth.  (Romans 8:11-14)
    So everyone who asks for the supernatural power of My Holy Spirit to enter into their lives will receive Him, be totally immersed in Him, be led by Him, be taught by Him, and be tutored by Him on how to be recipients of My plenty which I gave to all of My children at the beginning of the earth. (Luke 11-13 They will become winners in the earth just like Jesus, winning the battle between good and evil if they will follow My guidance as given to them by My Spirit.  They will reign in the earth as My children again, owners of their earth which I gave to My children at the beginning when I gave them dominion over the earth. (Genesis 1:27-31)  In heeding My thoughts and advice to them, they will inherit all of the blessings that I have already poured upon the earth for My children because they will avoid the works of evil and only follow My advice to do good to others in the earth, as I am good, which attracts all of My blessings.
      I am the Father of plenty.  Ask for My Holy Spirit, if you have not already, and then heed His private tutoring for you which will allow you to inherit My kingdom while you are in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)
      Jesus said that when He casts a demon out of a person that My kingdom came upon them at the time He walked the earth. (Matthew 12:28-30)  The same thing happens in your life when you cast away from you the works of evil and only do my good works as led by My Spirit.  All the benefits of My kingdom come upon you and you walk in a blessed life.   However, participating with the kingdom of evil will again curse your life if you are not watchful to catch his temptations at the onset in your thoughts.  Refuse them, like Jesus did with the assistance of My Spirit, and My angels will minister My blessings to you just like they did to Jesus.  (Matthew 4:8-11; James 4:7)
      I want you to win the battle between good and evil in your life so that you will receive your full inheritance of plenty in every area.

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