Sunday, May 24, 2015


Dear One,
    I told My children not to be filled with worries, problems, cares, fretting and burdens, but to pray and give thanks in everything, making your wants and needs known to Me.  When you know that I am your Father of all solutions, all answered prayers and all strategies necessary for the provisions for all you needs, you are filled with peace instead of your mind being filled with the problems, cares and worries.  (Philippians 4:6-7) 
    I can quickly answer your prayers when your mind is in agreement with My good works instead of the problems in the world. That is why I said to think on things that are positive, pure, good, virtuous, honest, just, lovely, worthy of praise and of a good report.  (Philippians 4:8)  When you think on those things, things which relate to My beneficial provisions for you, then your mind is in agreement with My plans for the answer to your prayers. Where you and I agree on anything, it is established and the answer to your prayers is on the way. (Matthew 18:18;19)
     If your mind is still on the problems, the worries, the cares, the fretting and the burdens, then your mind is still in agreement with the evil spiritual being who instigated the troublesome affair.  You would still be in agreement with him, glorifying his actions in your mind in obedience to his temptations.  Then it is much more difficult, and often impossible, for Me to answer your prayers if you are in agreement with the activities of your and My enemy. (Matthew 13:22; Isaiah 59:1-4)  You must think about My works in your mind rather than the works of your enemy, the devil.
    Those two opposing mindsets are what is called the choice between good and evil, blessings and curses.  When your thoughts are on My abilities, My goodness, My power, My love, My kindness and My will for you of all good things, then there is multiplied power in the earth for Me to usher in the magnificent answer to your prayers.  When your mind is set on Me and My goodness, then you have made Me sovereign in the earth just as I am sovereign in the heavens.  When your mind is filled with the horrible works of the devil, then I am no longer sovereign in your mind and the works of your enemy takes over My place in your mind.
    I told you how to realize the answer to all of your prayers and that is to make Me and My works sovereign in your own mind so that you will be in agreement with My good works and they will rapidly flow into your mind. I told you that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.  When your mind is bound to the works of evil in your life, magnifying them by worrying, fretting, griping and complaining about them, then you have elevated the father of those works to the place of being lord of your life at the time.  You have chosen to glorify the evil works over My good works.  But when you take My advice and let your needs and wants known to Me through prayers, constantly praising Me and thanking Me for the answers, thinking of all good and perfect things that I have done for you in the past and what you know about My goodness, then you and I are in agreement and My answers to your prayers are easily accessed by you because you have made me the Lord of your life.
    Always remember that My goodness and mercy are constantly poured upon you from My heart.  The choice to receive My goodness and mercy depends upon you and the choices that you make.  When problems occur in your life, immediately pray about them, giving Me the authority to help you.  Then praise Me and thank Me for the answers, not allowing your thoughts to dwell upon the problems.  Think about the depth of My love for My children, the power to those who believe in Me, the richness of your inheritance, and the hope of our calling; that being that you are My prized child. (Ephesians 3:14-20; Ephesians1:16-22)
    I have taught you through Jesus and through others that your choices are paramount in getting your prayers answered.  Jesus said that you must do good to others as you would have them do good to you , to never return evil for evil, and then your prayers are more easily answered. (Matthew 5:43-48;  Matthew 7:11-12)
    My Holy Spirit desires to spring into action to deliver the answers to your prayers, but He is bound from working in the situation when you are consumed with the evil works.  You must elevate My works in your mind, choosing to think on My good works, so that I can send My army of angels to bring the perfect answer to your prayers.  It's still your choice between good and evil. (Luke 12:31-32)
    Your Loving Father

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