Saturday, May 16, 2015


Dear One,
    I have instructed My children to make their life goal to keep the unity of spirit in the bond of peace with everyone.  For there to be peace on earth in fulfilling the ministry of Jesus, My children need to be determined to keep peace with everyone in their lives.  Then peace will spread to others and there will be peace in your corner of the world.  Those people will learn to keep peace with others, per your example, and they will spread peace to other people. Eventually there will be peace on earth if My children will only do what I ask them to do.
    I instructed My children in all of the writings of the Holy Spirit on the mental programming which fosters keeping peace.  (Ephesians 4:1-3)     
    So that you can easily digest the ways, I have outlined them:
1.  Become lowly of mind: (Philippians 2:6-9))
     a.  free from pride and arrogance
     b.  never think of yourself as better than anyone, more righteous or more 
          privileged than anyone.
     c.  know the truth that you are equal in My eyes to everyone, never above 
          EXAMPLE:  JESUS
2.  Become meek: (Matthew 5:5)
     a.  humble, patient, never insisting on your own way or insisting on being right.
     b.  be obedient to My Holy Spirit
     c.  do not become arrogant, doctrinal or oppose the belief of others.
          EXAMPLE:  JESUS
3.  Become longsuffering: (Galatians 5:22)
     a.  not easily provoked
     b.  not holding an infraction against anyone
     c.  understand that people are not your enemies, but the devil is.
     d.  be nonjudgmental
     e.  be instantly forgiving
          EXAMPLE:  JESUS
4.  Bear up under the character weaknesses and conflicting personalities of other
          people, understanding their motivations that come from their backgrounds,
          their heritage and their training. (John 8:15)
     a.  bear up under accusations and angry outbursts, forgiving instantly
     b.  respond to angry outbursts and bitter, confrontational words with love
     c.  respond with love to every act from an oppositional person and you will gain
          a friend, walking in peace with that person
          EXAMPLE:  JESUS
5.  Know the benefits of binding yourself to others in peace instead of being bound
     to them in strife (Matthew 17:20)
     a.  angels will minister to you
     b.  peace will rule your mind
     c.  My spiritual inheritance, your blessings that I have stored for you, will flood
          into your life.
          EXAMPLE:  JESUS
      I want you to have My heaven on earth for which Jesus prayed. (Matthew 6:10)
            Your Father of Guidance

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