Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Dear One,
    David, a man after My own heart, just as you are, was an important  writer under My covenant with a nation.  He wrote, "Let the words of My mouth and the meditations of My heart be always acceptable in thy sight, my strength and my redeemer."  Those words are quoted in religious institutions over and over again but My children do not heed the truth within that scripture.(Psalm 19:24)
    The writer had written his revelation of the importance of My guiding words to My children, that some are principles, statutes, laws, commandments, ordinances, precepts and testimonies.  David said that My words are warnings to My children on how to avoid the temptations and traps of the evil one which are meant to destroy them. 
     Then David spoke that prayer to Me, wanting to make sure that his words were always acceptable to Me and his thoughts were always acceptable to Me. 
     Under My new covenant with all of humanity I revealed the same truths that David knew, that My personal words of guidance to My children are the way to avoid falling into the traps that are still set by the evil one who wants to trick you into cooperating in your own destruction. Jesus spoke those truths, John spoke those truths, Paul wrote those truths, Peter wrote those truths, James amplified those truths in his writings. 
    They all said to never speak evil words to anyone because that is unacceptable in My sight.  You are always acceptable to Me but there are words that My children speak that are unacceptable in My sight because they will condemn the hearer and the speaker.  (Matthew 12:33-37)   I don't condemn them, the negative words do the condemning.
    Argumentative words: Unacceptable.
    Hurtful words:  Unacceptable.
    Destructive words:  Unacceptable.
    Demeaning words:  Unacceptable.
    Dominating words:  Unacceptable.
    Angry words:  Unacceptable.
    Faithless words:  Unacceptable.
    Strife filled words:  Unacceptable.
    Judgmental words:  Unacceptable.
    Injurious words:  Unacceptable.
    Words that curse others:  Unacceptable.
    Why are those words unacceptable?  Because they are hurtful to some of My other children who are made in My image and they are words that are set on fire by hell itself. (James 3:5-12)  James said they are devilish and from hell.  
    The foundation of those unacceptable words is the thoughts or meditations that you entertain in your mind.  David also wrote that he wanted his thoughts to be acceptable to Me.  He knew that out of the abundance of thoughts a person's mouth speaks words that either injure or heal, elevate or demean, build up or tear down, instill faith or instill fear, bring peace or bring strife, bless or curse.  David wanted to only think My thoughts instead of thoughts which destroy.
     My children take this truth lightly, trusting in My forgiveness for their lapses in bridling their tongues.  Yes, My forgiveness is always present for My children, but the earthly consequences of their destructive words are not covered by My forgiveness.  They must go to the person they injured with words and ask forgiveness also so that there will be no continuing work of evil in the situation.  (Matthew 21:22-26) 
     Words and thoughts of apology: Always acceptable in My sight.
     Words and thoughts of peace:  Always acceptable.
     Words and thoughts of love:  Always acceptable.
     Words and thoughts of purity:  Always acceptable. 
     Words and thoughts of mercy:  Always acceptable.
     Words and thoughts of goodness:  Always acceptable.
     Words and thought of kindness:  Always acceptable.
     Words and thoughts of forgiveness:  Always acceptable.
     Words and thoughts of grace:  Always acceptable. (Philippians4:8)
     My thoughts in your mind and My words spoken through your mouth:  ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE because they will always be of love.
     Your Loving Father

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