Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Dear One,
    I told My children not to join in an oppositional situation with anyone lest you invite other evil situations to grow out of it which will eventually consume your thoughts and attitudes and end up robbing you of your peace of mind as well as the supernatural peace that I give to you.  I tell My children over and over again in My Instruction Books not to oppose anyone but, instead, to bring peace to every situation.  (John 20:21-22)
    Jesus called you the salt of the world but if salt loses its savor it is not good for anything but to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men.  What I was saying is that if you lose your peace through opposition with others, then you will surely be trodden under the feet of those people, becoming destroyed rather than exalted in the situation. You will lose your peace instead of spreading peace in the world and becoming the light of the world.  He said that you must be the  light of the world.  He said that you, as the light of the world, must exemplify My good works which will glorify me.  The good works that are talked about are bringing peace to every situation rather than furthering opposition and strife.  (Matthew 5:9-16)
    My children are so bound to their religious, social and family traditions that they don't even recognize when there is strife entering a situation.  They think they have to defend themselves and by defending themselves they have to oppose others.  I said that vengeance is mine, not yours.  My vengeance is always against the evil spirits of strife which I said that I will bring vengeance against if you will follow My advice to bring peace to every situation.  If you continue in opposing others, the devil's vengeance comes against you and no one wins except the devil. (Romans 12:17-21)
    I have given you My Holy Spirit who yearns to make you into My image, the image of peace which fosters a peaceful existence with all people.  I cannot avenge you when you are determined to avenge yourself against My other people who are made in My image. (Ephesians 4:3; Matthew 5:9)
    I promised that if you will follow My guidance that you will be blessed in every area of your life, in your family life, in material prosperity, in your investments, your animals will be blessed, your job or business will be blessed, your food will be blessed, your workers will be blessed, your friendships will be blessed, every area of your life will be blessed.  I even promised that your enemies will be at peace with you.  (Deuteronomy 28:1-14)   For what more could you ask?  It's all so simple.  Bring peace with others in your thoughts, your attitudes and your actions and you will not be able to contain all of My blessings because you have identified yourself as the beneficiary of My full inheritance.
    Your Peaceful and Benevolent Father

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