Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dear One,
    A thirsty person is smart enough not to drink from a glass that is caked with old spoiled sour milk or poisonous ingredients.  That person would want to have the glass washed so that the spoiled and toxic materials are washed away.  That is why I want to clean the inside of My children with My rivers of living waters so that the  waters that proceed from their mouths are pure, clear, clean and beneficial to others.  Jesus told the Pharisees that their insides were filthy while they portrayed being clean and pure on the outside. (Matthew 23:27-27)  He said woe to them because the seeds they sowed would return the uncleanness to them. 
    I made sure that when My last covenant with My children was instituted that My Holy Spirit would clean them from the inside so that My rivers of love and peace will be spoken and acted upon by them.  My river of living waters always begins to cleanse the vessels of My children before asking them to pass on the healing waters to others. 
    Often My children are so eager to minister that they skip that valuable step, that of allowing My Spirit to do a complete job of cleaning house when He first becomes a resident in that person.  Paul was a good example of letting Me do a complete work in him before he began his ministry.  He separated himself from humanity and learned one-on-one from My Holy Spirit the many facets of My true nature before beginning his ministry.  He personally knew Me and was cleansed by My living waters so that his teachings were true and beneficial to everyone.  He did not want to be influenced by anyone except My Spirit because My Spirit is the true teacher, the personal tutor of all of My children.
     Being changed from glory to glory is a religious phrase that really means that My Spirit has cleaned house in you and He has chased out all of the preprogramming that began with being tempted by the devil through your flesh which resulted in your being a partner in destructive actions.  I want clean vessels for your sake as well as mine.  I want you to be cleansed so that you will no longer be a participant in your own demise.  I want you to recognize My voice and willingly give up the old habits and actions which caused problems in your life and instead to be completely powered by My Holy Spirit who is the One who issues My blessings to you. (II Corinthians 5:17-20)
     Cleaning My vessels of love is My first priority for your sake and for My name's sake.  You are My ambassador of love and I want your entire vessel to be cleansed from any impurity which will poison another person. Yielding to My rivers of living waters is a lifelong calling for My children so that there will be no pollution that is passed on to others. Galatians 5:16-24)
      You have experienced that allowing My Holy Spirit to clean the vessel of My abode, your body, is a pleasant endeavor because the result is that My kingdom will come into your life and bring with it My inheritance that I have stored for you from the beginning of time.  You will be spiritual royalty from heaven's view and a myriad of angels will be delighted to give you the benefits of being My child.  Then I can give you the commission to share My living waters with others because your vessel is unpolluted and clean. 
      Jesus said that the living waters are from My Holy Spirit.  Give Him the allegiance that you give to Me and to Jesus.  He is Lord in the earth. (II Corinthians 3:18)
      You know how you feel when your earthly house is clean.  You know how I must feel when My earthly houses, the bodies of My children, are clean and unadulterated, equipped to spread My love in the earth.  My heart is exalted at the appearance of a clean house which has been cleaned by My Spirit. 
      Your Loving Father.    

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