Thursday, May 28, 2015


Dear One,
    One of the most emphatic instructions by My Son Jesus when He ministered for Me in the earth was when He said to His disciples that they should not rejoice that evil spirits obeyed them, but that they should rejoice that their names are written in heaven.  He knew the nature of people after the first man allowed the devil to enter into the earth and blind My children to My truth.  He knew that they would always be tempted to do evil instead of doing good in the world that I created for them. Jesus knew that  the temptation from the devil in the minds of his disciples would be to take credit themselves for the demons obeying them when they healed the sick and cast out demonic spirits.  So He wisely exhorted them not to ever take credit for the miraculous works, because they could do nothing of their own flesh, that it was My Holy Spirit who gave them the power and authority over demonic spirits and their works.  (Mark 3:14-15; Luke 10:19-20)
      That is what Jesus meant when He said that you would do things in His name.  It didn't mean that you would tack on the statement, "In Jesus name," after every prayer.  It meant that you would do the same works that He did, in His stead, but always only in the same power that He did His works, that being My Holy Spirit, who is My supernatural power source.  (Matthew 7:22-23; Acts 1:4-8)
       Jesus knew that pride would enter into the minds of his disciples and others who were to follow if they thought it was by their own power that the evil spirits obeyed them.  He knew that only humility and lowliness of mind would assure that My children know that I am their power source, not anything in their flesh that was doing miraculous things.
      There is always the temptation in My children to take credit for My works.  Jesus alerted His disciples to that temptation so that they could give credit where credit it due, with humility knowing that they had no power to overcome darkness before I enter into their lives with My supernatural power.   They must remember the lack of power they have in their own selves and recognize the supernatural, overcoming power of My Spirit who gives the power to overcome every work of the devil.  (John 10:10)
      The quickest way to block My anointing is to begin to take credit for it.  Jesus warned against it.  He covered everything of importance in the lives of My children.  He said that My Spirit would make His words of meaning to My children. My Spirit is Lord in the lives of My children.  (II Corinthians 3:4-18)
      Watch for the spirit of pride.  It precedes a fall.
      Humility helps My children to stay in unity with Me.
      Your Loving Father

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