Friday, May 22, 2015


Dear One,
    You have bitten into a piece of sour fruit which has not been on the tree, bush or plant long enough to ripen, being under developed in its sweetness from the genetics of its host tree, bush or plant itself.  It has been picked while it was still in the stage of sourness but on its way to becoming ripe, sweet, nutritious and beneficial to the consumer. Impatience of the consumer is often the reason for its immature harvest.  Its sweetness was still in the host tree, plant or bush, ready to be infused into the fruit, yet immature harvesting robbed all of the fruit of its ripe, sweet, nutritious properties. How sad it is that the consumers, in their impatience, were unable to wait for the full blown development of the fruit which makes it palatable, enjoyable and nourishing.
    The same truth was applied by Jesus to those children of mine who become too eager to minister for Me. They don't wait for My tutoring instructions by My Holy Spirit on how to become witnesses of My true personality; but, instead, they often become witnesses of their former unredeemed, fleshly lives because of impatience in allowing My Spirit to fully teach them so that they can become My true images in the earth.  Instead, they still have the sourness, the immaturity, the toxic tongues and the corrupt attitudes of their former influence, the devil.  Their sour fruit affects every area of their lives because the sweetness of My tree of Life has not been allowed to flow into them, growing them into My image.(Matthew 12:33-37)  Their toxic sourness is responsible for their trees being cut down, not Me. They become zealots, eager to destroy anyone who does not agree with them. They make enemies of flesh and blood, battling the people whom I created who need to be saved instead of battling against demonic spirits in the heavens who influence them also.  (Ephesians 6;12-18) They don't know Me.  They are only acquainted with Me by the teachings of other people who also don't intimately  know Me.  They only know Me by the hearing of the ear, not spirit to Spirit.  (Matthew 7:15-21; Job 42:5)
    My Spirit wrote again and again this truth in My Instruction Book, that My true children are known by their fruit, love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, long suffering, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  There are no civil or religious laws which require punishment for those acts which come from Me through My Spirit.(Galatians 5:22-23) It is the undeveloped, sour fruit of their former lives that exacts punishment from the father of destruction which pushes My children to minister for Me before their fruit is fully developed into sweet, nourishing fruit which can be easily digested by others who need spiritual nourishment.  The sour fruit condemns and judges rather than saves and rescues. My children are called to save others from the works of the devil and to rescue those who are perishing.
   My children with underdeveloped fruit return evil for evil done to them.  They strike back when stricken.  They zealously pursue the unbelievers, condemning them of their sins rather than loving them and offering the fruit of My salvation.  They revile people for their sins instead of delivering them from their sins. They are not sent by Me, they are sent by the underdeveloped fruit of their spiritual fathers.  Then they wonder why no one wants to eat their sour fruit.  (Galatians 5:19-21) 
    Jesus said that you will know them by their fruit.  Yet My children do not discern ripe fruit because they think that anyone who talks about Me has ripe fruit and great wisdom, even if they talk strife, opposition, confrontation, war, political and religious division instead of love and unity.  Even the devil talks about Me.  He does it all the time when he tempts My children, just like he did when he tempted Jesus.  He even quotes My words. (Matthew 4: 5-7)  Only My children who stay on the vine long enough to develop ripe fruit will discern the sour fruit and its origin, which is hell itself.
    Jesus said that He is the vine and you are branches.  The fruit grows on the branches, but those branches which are cut off from the primary stalk become images of their prior sour, undeveloped selves, not images of My life as displayed in the life of Jesus. (John 15:4-13)
    You will know every tree, bush and plant by the sweetness of their fruit.  The sweet fruit has the highest degree of nutrition in it.  The sour fruit will not be easily digested by anyone.  It will be spit out by the person who eats it.
   The way to discern My developed fruit is by its sweetness, its love. Love covers all the sins of others and sees the needs of their spirits, just like I do. 
    I said that if a person does not bridle his or her tongue that the religion of that person is in vain.  In other words, that person is still working on the side of evil instead of on my side of good.  You know them by their fruit. (James 1:25-27)
    Stay firmly attached to Me, your life source, so that your fruit will be fully developed.  Then I will send people to you and you will serve to them the fruit of My tree of Life fully developed in its sweetness. 
    Your Loving Father of Sweet, Ripe, Nutritious Fruit    

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