Friday, March 18, 2016


Dear One,
    In a military environment if an enemy has invaded an encampment, there are sentries whose job it is to immediately spot the enemy and sound an alert that security has been breached.  In My spiritual kingdom there is a sentry who will alert My children to the presence of an invader which has entered the minds of My children with thoughts of fear, hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, strife, dissension, discord and other evil invaders who come to destroy the peace and security of My children.  The sentry is My Holy Spirit. 
    My Spirit will teach you how to recognize the presence of an evil invader in your thoughts.  The first sign that an invader is present in your thoughts is the loss of peace in your mind and a churning in your spirit.  Soundness of mind disappears and discomfort enters, eager to set up its kingdom in your thoughts.  If you allow the invaders to remain in your mind, you will have a full fledged battle on your hands later on.  If you cast out the invader at the first recognition of it, My peace will re-enter your mind with its soothing comfort of a sound, stable, loving presence.
     In a military environment if an enemy breaches the security of an encampment and is undetected, that person can place and activate timed bombs which can destroy the entire camp.  In My kingdom, My loving family, the devil's invaders tempt you from the outside in your thoughts to entertain his thoughts and attitudes which have the power to explode into a destructive war with other people.  If those thoughts go undetected, turmoil becomes your constant mindset until the devil's plans of opposition, conflict and even injury to the other person becomes your own mindset.  The timed bombs of vengeance and retaliation affect you, your family and the person whom the devil has trained you to hate or fear.
    My children who know My voice and are trained in enemy recognition by My Spirit will, at the first alert, identify the enemy's presence of either fear, hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, vengeance or retaliation in their thoughts and will cast those invaders into the abyss of hell where they originated.  When those invaders are cast out, My kingdom of love and peace will be restored to you immediately. Jesus said that when He cast out demons by the power of My Holy Spirit, that My kingdom comes upon you.  The same is true for you because Jesus said that with the power of My Spirit you will do the same things He did and even more.  (Luke 11:20; John 14:12)  So when you cast out the evil thoughts of the devil from your mind, My kingdom of love and peace of mind are restored to you.
    The truth that My Spirit endeavors to reveal to you is that the battle with evil is always for your mind because out of it flows the issues of life.  Out of your mind flows either good or evil attitudes, good or evil speech and good or evil actions depending upon which thoughts you entertain, either My thoughts or evil thoughts.
    Jesus also gave you the constructive ways to restore peace and unity with people who oppose you either before or after you have cast the demons of conflict out of your mind and into hell.  My Spirit will coach you on how to efficiently restore peace with the person.  He said to return good for evil done to you.  He said not to strike back at a person.  He said to pray for people who oppose you and for you to do good acts toward them.  He said to even love your human enemies.(Matthew 5:43-48)  Jesus knew that people are never your enemies, but the evil spirits who are motivating them are your enemies.   He knew that if you do good things to the people who are being used by the devil to hurt you that My love will cover over every sin to which the person has yielded, and you will be restored to peace with the person.
     Pay attention to the alerts from My Holy Spirit when an invading evil thought enters into your mind.  I cannot cast it out because your mind is your own domain.  You need to cast it out yourself, and then I can flood you with the goodness of My family treasury.  My goodness waits for you to do your job, which is to listen to My Spirit as He identifies invaders, then you must cast out invading evil thoughts from your mind.  When the enemy leaves your mind, My kingdom automatically comes back into your body, soul and spirit, just like Jesus said.
     You were called to be My child of love and peace in the earth. Anytime you have thoughts that are not loving and peaceful, there has been an invader in your mind who has come to defeat you.  Use the power of My Holy Spirit and cast out that invader, sending it to hell.  Bring peace to the human relationship which was used by the devil to tempt you into engaging in conflict.  I said that I do not give you a spirit of fear. That is from the devil.  But I do give to you a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind.  (II Timothy 1:7)  When your sound mind is invaded by fear and any of its family members, cast them into hell.  Then I can restore you to a sound mind, free from worries, conflict and fear.
     Your Loving Father 

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