Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Dear One,
    My most prized and dear to My heart relationship is the one-on-one communion that I have with My individual children.  My next greatest accomplishment in the earth is the human family which I desire to be a reflection of My heavenly family. 
   Just in case evil was allowed to come into the world in the beginning, I made provisions by giving instructions to all humanity that would prevent the destruction of the human family if the first man eventually did let the devil into the earth. I knew that if the devil was allowed to come into the earth that the first thing he would destroy is the human family because it is a reflection of the unity which I so deeply value.  That is at the basis of why I gave the instruction that a person should leave the emotional and financial support of his parents and cleave to his or her mate.  (Genesis 2:21-25)
     If you will check your Instruction Book about the beginning of the earth, you will see that I gave that instruction immediately after creating Eve from the heart and rib of Adam.  My emphasis is that no relationship can replace the unity of a man and his mate because the first woman was created from a part of the first man. 
    Even before evil entered the world I cautioned how to avoid the curses that the devil wants to place upon people by creating problems in their earthly families.  When a man and a woman are committed to each other, the way to prevent all problems in the relationship is for the man and a woman to put aside all emotional and financial reliance upon their earthly parents and cleave to each other.  I wanted to preserve the earthly family even before the devil got hold of it.
     What has happened to the earthly family now is that My instructions were ignored by many, many men and women.  One or the other has remained emotionally or financially dependent upon their parents and that opens the door for the devil to get into that family and create his chaos.  That was and still is the beginning of in-law problems, all of which are caused because My children do not follow My advice.  The devil uses their lack of wisdom to enter into that family, causing jealousy, strife and every work of evil to take up residence in that family. (James 3:16)  The door is open to evil intervention because of the reluctance of the man and woman to cleave to each other so that they can mature emotionally instead of remaining emotionally dependent upon their parents.
     My preventive instruction was given after the creation of Eve so that committed men and women will fulfill the prophesy of being one flesh, each one supplying what the other one lacks in functionality and personality.  If either of the two is still dependent upon their parents to fulfill any missing function or character trait in his or her life, then there is broken unity with their mates.  When that scenario is real, then the new family created by the union of the man and woman is fragmented because of immature dependency upon parents.  The door is open for jealousy and strife to enter with all their evil works.
    All of My efforts in My instructions to My children are given to keep them from engaging in obedience to evil temptations instead of engaging in unity with My will for their lives.  The choices between good and evil come more frequently than is realized because every thought is a choice between good and evil.  Every attitude, every word spoken and every action comes from the choices between good and evil thoughts, deciding which thoughts to meditate upon and which thoughts to refuse to entertain.   When My children learn to refuse evil thoughts, they will be on the road to success.  Then, if they will learn to only entertain My good thoughts, they are residents on the avenues upon which My abundant blessings flow to them.
    Earthly families are important to Me. 
    Take My advice, follow My advice, continue spreading My love, and everything good will be added to your life.  (Matthew 6:33)
    Your Wisdom Dispensing Father    

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