Monday, March 21, 2016


Dear One,
    We have established the identity of your real enemies, those being the devil and his demons who place into your mind and the minds of other people temptations couched in vindictive, envious, jealous, judgmental, prideful, critical, divisive, strife filled, insecure and other evil thoughts.  We even talked about your having the power and right to cast down those destructive thoughts into hell.  We also talked about the fact that you must take into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ who lives within you. (II Corinthians 10:5-6)
     In the recent past we talked about relationships and how important peaceful relationships are, even those associations you have with your perceived human enemies.  We talked about doing good to those people who have injured you emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually, that you should love them, forgive them and do good to them and in doing that you fulfill the instructions of Christ. (Matthew 5:43-48)  We talked about the fact that when you love them, forgive them and do good to them that it smothers the power of the demons who are motivating them to hurt you and it tenderizes the person toward you. 
     So the truth is that even though you are walking in the earth in human bodies, you must not war against other humans, (II Corinthians 10:3-4)  The spiritual truth is that your weapons are not fleshly, carnal.  They are not the human weapons that cause disagreements, discord and even wars.  Because all battles are spiritual, the weapons of your warfare are spiritual with the flesh of humans who come against you.  They are the fruit of My Spirit, love, peace, joy, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and long suffering.   I even said that against those weapons there are not demonic powers to defeat you.  (Galatians 5: 22-25)
     The weapons of your warfare with the demonic spirits who motivate people to oppose you are also spiritual.  They are not swords, guns, bombs, arrows and other human weapons.  They are My prayer language words which I give you when My Spirit comes to live in you if you allow Him to baptize you in His effective, powerful words.  (Ephesians 6:18)  I reiterated again in that instruction that you should not battle with flesh and blood but you must battle against demonic spirits in the air around you who tempt you and tempt others to engage in conflict with you so that they can destroy all good things that I give you.
    I said that you should only take up the spiritual swords of the Spirit, which are My words spoken through your mouth in Holy Spirit prayers and My loving words spoken through your mouth to the person who injured you.  (Ephesians 6:17)  In praying for your enemies by using My Holy Spirit's words in prayers, you are allowing me to engage My angels to war against the demonic spirits who are causing people to bring discord into your life.  We can defeat those demonic spirits of war easily when you cooperate by allowing the words of My Spirit to do what My Spirit asked you to do, which is to pray at all times in all occasions in My Holy Spirit.
    All of your wars are spiritual, not fleshly.  So the weapons of your warfare are always spiritual, those being My Holy Spirit's words in intercessory prayers against the devil, and your attitudes and words of love, peace, mercy, goodness and kindness toward the person who is being used by the devil to bring discord into your life. Kind actions suck the spirit of discord out of people.
    Jesus knew how to battle evil.  He did it with My words of wisdom and love spoken to people and with My Holy Spirit's prayers when he spent hours and hours praying alone.   My Holy Spirit has written those same instructions on how to defeat evil to you many times in My Instruction Book:  Cast down any temptation to return evil for evil done to you.  Cast down into hell any thoughts of pride, selfishness, hatred and anger. Captivate every thought and bring it into obedience to the words of Jesus.  Pray in My Spirit at all times, which battles against the spiritual forces of the devil who brings all problems into your life.  Do good to and bless those people who oppose you, persecute you, conflict with you, strike you, insult you, or injure you physically and emotionally.  Only use the weapons of My warfare against them, which are love and goodness toward the person and intercessory prayers in My Holy Spirit against the devil and his work.  
     Now that you know your enemies and that they are not people but the devil and his demons, you can engage in spiritual warfare with spiritual weapons against the real enemies.  Those prayers guarantee your winning all battles with the real enemy.  Also you can heap love, peace, goodness and kindness upon the people whom the devil uses to engage you in emotional or physical wars.  Love emanating from you is the greatest power in the world and love will tenderize any perceived human enemies, turning their thoughts into returning love to you.
     If you fight human problems with fleshly weapons, you will be injured in some area of your life. (Galatians 5:16-21) When you use spiritual weapons, you will emerge from every battle victorious and joyful because you have preserved a human relationship and you have defeated the real enemy, the devil.
     My instructions to you in My Book are efficient relating to battles.  Take My spiritual advice and emerge a winner because you have defeated your real enemy, the devil.  The minute you make a human being your enemy, you have lost the battle to your real enemy, the devil.
    I taught you how to be victorious in battles and in life.  Take My advice and live the abundant life.
     Your Father of Efficient War Strategy

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