Saturday, March 12, 2016


Dear One,
    Fear repels.  Love attracts.
    Discouragement destroys. Encouragement elevates.
    If My children initially come to Me with a fear of going to hell or a fear of punishment, they are already tainted with the destructive power of the devil.  Fear causes the brains of My children to be stymied, pushed down, making them unable to expect any of My blessings because they are besieged with the spirit of fear of displeasing Me.  That was never what I intended for My evangelists to preach, teach or instruct.  Only the spiritually ignorant teachers who have refused to access the wisdom of My Holy Spirit will resort to teaching and preaching from fear of Me.  Their lack of revelation of My true character has caused them to spread the devil's fear in the earth instead of spreading My love.  I grieve for them and their converts.  I cannot force the revelation of My love upon them.  They need to seek My kingdom and My righteousness from My Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth, and then they will discover My true nature of love and peace.
(I John 4:15-18) 
     When My children initially come to Me in an atmosphere of love with an invitation to receive My love and My help in rescuing them from their bad circumstances at the time, I am able to do what I promised to do, save them from the hell on earth in which they are engaged.   I rescue My children from the hell created for them on earth by the devil.  I do not send them to a spiritual hell.  That is what the devil wants to do is take them with him to his domain in hell by enticing them by temptations to follow him into doing evil in the earth through fear.  My desire and delight is to entice you by My love for you to follow Me and My ways so that you will have heaven on earth because you listen to Me and My instructions on how to avoid the evil that is in the world,  Evil has many faces to which My children are blinded.
    Fear is the most insipid disguise of the devil because he uses the lie of fearing Me and fearing punishment by Me to deceive and enslave you.
     I AM NOT THE PUNISHER.  I DO NOT JUDGE MY CHILDREN.  I HAVE NO KEYS TO HELL WITH WHICH TO UNLOCK THE GATES AND SHOVE YOU IN, which is the image that some uninformed people want to place in your mind. 
    I sent My Son to destroy the works of the devil.(I John 3:8)  He did it, and then He sent My Holy Spirit into the world to be received by people.  My Spirit gives to My children the explosive power to do the same things that Jesus did and even more wonderful things.  He gives you the power to destroy the works of evil.
    My children who come to Me with an image of My true character of love are the ones who embrace My personal teachings immediately because they know Me as a loving, peaceful, good, kind, patient Father.  They are not afraid of Me so they  come to Me for My insight, wisdom, knowledge and tutoring.  They want to defeat the works of evil in their lives by communing with Me and receiving My loving, efficient instructions on how to destroy the works of the devil in their lives.  In doing that, they find that they inherit all of My blessings while in the earth.  I said that when a demon is cast out of the life of a person by My Holy Spirit, then My kingdom comes upon that person.  (Luke 11:20) 
    I also said that I have not given anyone a spirit of fear, but I have given a Spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind.  (II Timothy 1:7)  That should make it clear that fear is not of Me, that it is from hell itself, sent to cripple My children and make them fearful of Me.  Instead, I give you a Spirit of power over fear, defeating it when it comes into your mind.  Through My Holy Spirit I give you a revelation of My intense love for you.  There is no other way to be filled with the complete knowledge of My love for you except through the revelation of My Holy Spirit.  (Ephesians 3:14-20)  I give you a sound mind, which is a peaceful mind, free from worry, free from anxiety, free from stress because you know that I will supply everything you need according to the power of My Spirit within you.
    Do not fear Me.  When you do, you are yielding to the devil's fear which wants to deceive you into believing his lies about My true character.  I have no fear.  I desire that My children have no fear.  Fear is from hell and it will ensnare you. 
    Meditate on My love for you.  Nothing can separate you from My love, not tribulations, distress, persecutions, peril, or demonic principalities and powers.  Nothing can do that because My love for you is forever, ever lasting. 
    The only thing that tries to separate you from My love is the spirit of fear that tries to invade your mind, causing you to shrink from Me instead of uniting with Me to defeat the fear.  Refuse those thoughts of fear and cast them into the abyss where they belong.  Declare that I love you and I want to bless you abundantly. (John 10:10)  I said that the cross of Christ is the power of God. (I Corinthians 1:18-24)  You can bear the cross and use it to pummel the spirit of fear when it attacks your mind.  (Luke 5:29) 
     Remember that your battle is never with people.  It is always with the spirit of fear and the other demonic spirits that attack your mind.  You are already a winner over those spirits but they do not give up in attacking your mind.  Use the power of My Spirit, the cross of Christ and the words of your testimony, words which proclaim My love for you and My Spirit's triumph over the devil and his fear.
     Only speak of My love to others.  Punishment, judgment and fear are from hell, not from Me.  I have the solution to every problem that the devil causes in the lives of My children.  Come to Me for the solutions and you will reign in the earth as My child.
     Your Loving, Peaceful, Powerful Father

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