Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Dear One,
     Many things are done in My name by people whose personalities are not transformed into My righteousness.  Jesus even said that there are those who have cast out demons in My name, prophesied in My name and performed miracles in My name who will not enter into My kingdom blessings while living in the earth. (Matthew 7:23) He announced that startling truth while teaching about the fruits of a person's personality, whether they are from Me or from hell.
     The truth about good fruits from Me and the evil fruits of the flesh which are from hell is paramount to understanding righteousness.  Jesus was firm about My children having the good fruit of My personality by allowing the treasure of My Holy Spirit to change the outside of you the way He instantaneously changed the inside of you when you were born of My Spirit. (John 3:5-6)
     When My children are born of My Spirit they become a new creature, having the same spiritual personality as Jesus in their spirits.  Then when they choose to be baptized in My Spirit, He has the challenge of changing the fleshly evil fruit into My good fruit, meaning to change the person's previous fleshly fractured personality into My Godly personality.  That molding only happens with the permission and cooperation of  the person.  That is when the righteousness of My personality is evident in the motivations and actions of the person.
      It is with the molding of the outer person into my character and personality that causes a person to enter into My kingdom living while still in the earth.  Jesus compared the differences to a tree with good fruit and a tree with evil fruit.  He said that an evil tree cannot grow good fruit and a good tree cannot grow evil fruit.  It is impossible.  He even said that a tree that does not grow good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  That was His way of saying that the devil is the destroyer and when he causes a person to operate in his personality he cuts down the person by adversity, casting the person into his fire of tribulation.  The devil loves to tempt My children to obey him so that he can cast them into his fire of tribulation because when that happens he has won a battle for the soul of the person.  That person will not inherit My blessings while living in the earth because he or she has bound himself or herself to the devil's personality of fear, hatred, anger, strife, confusion and destruction, expecting to be blessed by Me but instead inheriting the devil's curses.     
    It is a pitiful thing that My righteous thoughts, attitudes, speech and good behavior are available all along, available for the person to cooperate with Me in order to be molded into My personality of love.  Love forgives everyone, love is merciful, love is kind, love is good, love is gracious, love is joyful, love is peaceful, love is faithful, love is patient with everyone, love is able to control fleshly passions.  My Holy Spirit gives you the power to allow yourself to be transformed into My image by the conforming of your mind to the thoughts of My Mind.  (Romans 8:29-31; Romans 12:2)  From the inside of you, in your spirit, My Holy Spirit does the work of the potter, molding your outside personality into My personality of Love so that you will inherit the good things of My kingdom living while in the earth.
    So that truth is why Jesus said that some people will not enter into the goodness of My kingdom living while in the earth because they have not allowed My Holy Spirit to change them into Love, even though they cast out demons in My name, prophesied in My name and did miracles in My name.  They never allowed the outside of themselves to be changed into My image just like the inside was transformed by My Holy Spirit.
    My heartfelt desire is that all of My children cooperate with My Holy Spirit in His endeavors to create My righteousness in the flesh just like He created the new creation in the inside of the person.  (II Corinthians 5:17)  In that truth lies the endeavor, that all old fleshly actions will pass away and become new behaviors. Their new behaviors will emerge because it is from My loving behaviors through you that you exhibit My righteousness which allows you to collect your inheritance as My child, led by My Spirit.
    Your Righteous Father   

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