Friday, March 4, 2016


Dear One,
     After Jesus was resurrected from the dead and commanded His disciples to wait for My promise to come into them, the excitement of the disciples came from what they perceived was My promise, which was that Israel would be restored to world dominance.  In that way they thought they would have domination over other people. (Acts 1:1-9)
    My promise through Jesus and the prophets had nothing to do with a country, a nation, a church or to any other man made institution.  My promise to My children from the beginning of the earth was that I would always find a way to empower them over the works of the devil in their world that I had given to them, the evil works that the first man, Adam, allowed into the earth by listening to the devil.  The only way for Me to accomplish that feat was through sending My Son Jesus into the world to die for the sins that the devil tempts My children to do, and then to empower My children with My Very Own Holy Spirit so that they will have the same power that Jesus had to destroy the works of the devil and his curses.  Jesus had even promised them that they would do greater works than He did when He walked the earth. 
    My children are still waiting for Jesus to come back to earth to set up a kingdom on earth so that they will be the leaders in the earth.  What I am eager for is for My children who have received My promised Holy Spirit in their lives to continue to destroy the works of the devil like Jesus did.  There is work to be done in their own lives, the lives of their families. the lives of their friends, their neighbors, and, yes, even their enemies.  It is with the power of My Holy Spirit that Jesus accomplished all of the healings, the miracles and taught My wisdom and knowledge,  Jesus listened to Me constantly instead of busying Himself trying to make some religious institution or political institution have dominion in the world.  He was interested in My individual children who had suffered from the works of the devil.  Jesus knew that it takes My spiritual power to overcome and destroy the works of the evil one in the lives of people. 
     My children still are sidetracked by the temptation of the devil to build their churches, their religions, their political parties, their clubs and their countries into organizations of world dominance.  They want to belong to an organization that rules the world.  Sometimes even those of My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit do not even successfully use the power of My Spirit to have dominance over the devil in their own lives but they still want to belong to a man made institution that rules the world.  They wait for Jesus to come to earth again and set up His kingdom in the earth but they do not cooperate with My Spirit in order for Me to set up My kingdom in their own lives.  Peter, Paul, James and John even thought Jesus would not delay but would come to set up a kingdom on earth any day.  That was over two thousand years ago.
    My own eager desire is for My children who have My entire spiritual generator of power living inside of them, My Holy Spirit, to step up and become what I intended for them to be, My children with power over the devil in their own lives.  My desire it that they teach others to do the same thing, destroy the works of the devil just like Jesus did, only greater and more numerous just like Jesus promised.(John 14:12-14)  Instead, some of them are waiting to be taken out of the world but I am waiting for them to take over My ministry of destroying the works of the devil, just like their Brother Jesus did.  He died so that they would have the same power that He had over the works of the devil, sending My power to live inside of them just like My Holy Spirit lived inside of Jesus, making Him powerful over the works of evil in the world.
    I gave to My children My own Spirit and I gave them My Instruction Book.  Yet, My children are still waiting to be taken out of the world instead of their taking their place of power over the works of evil in the earth through the power of My Holy Spirit.  They fall for the devil's temptations to engage in conflict with other people, thinking they are justified in standing up for themselves against others.  Jesus taught that lesson in his first lecture when He said not to avenge yourself but to let Me avenge you in order for you not to continue the devil's ministry of conflict and opposition in the world. Jesus said for My children not to return evil for evil done to them, but they ignore My instructions and return evil for evil, promoting the devil's works instead of overcoming them and destroying them.  Those of My children who return conflict for conflict, evil for evil, opposition for opposition, still wait for Me to take them out of the world.  I wait for My children to follow My instructions and return good for evil done to them, also that they return peace and good will for opposition aimed at them.  (Matthew 5: 43-48) When they do, they are restoring My kingdom in the earth just like Jesus did when He said that when He cast out a demon from a person that My kingdom came upon that person. (Luke 11:20) 
    What I am eager to happen in the world is for My children to actually become My children instead of acting from the temptations of the devil and continuing his works in the earth. They are forgiven by Me even before they obey the evil temptations, but their lives in the earth continue to be cursed by their obeying the temptations of the devil instead of destroying the works of the devil.
     Do you understand now why Jesus said that My children who keep My instructive words and do them are My true children?  It's because My true children do not take vacations from being My children and attending to words that bring victory to them, but instead they spend time obeying the temptations of the evil one.  Jesus said it is because they do not know My written scriptures, which are in My Instruction Book, and they do not know the power of My Spirit that lives inside of them who is eager, willing and able to destroy the works of the devil in their lives and in the lives of others of My children.(Matthew 22:29)  I said that I am gloried in the earth when My children hear My words, do them, become My image of righteousness in the earth and in that obedience they destroy the works of the devil.  It is the only time that I receive true glory. (Matthew 5:16)  Mere verbal words of glorifying me in ritualistic worship by My children who do not hear My voice and do not do My will in the earth are empty words.   I said that true worship is worshiping Me in spirit and in truth.  (John 4:23)
    Step up to the task for which I called you.  I called you to do the same works that Jesus did, only greater, by becoming a witness of My righteousness in the earth, and in so doing you will destroy the works of the devil, completing the works that Jesus started.  First you must learn to discern the voice of the temptations of the devil and you must learn to discern My voice.  I said My sheep know My voice.  You must learn to know My voice as spoken by My Spirit inside of you, and then you should take My advice, and be led by My Spirit away from evil works.  Also you must learn to recognize the voice of the devil in his temptations so that you will not be blindsided into doing the will of the devil in the earth, cursing your own life and the lives of your family members.
    I promised you life more abundant than the people had who listened to Jesus at the time he walked the earth. (John 10:10)  They did not have My Spirit living
inside of them. 
    You do.  And when you do, you can learn to access My abundant life by refusing to listen to the voice of the devil in his temptations to return evil for evil, but instead returning good for every evil thing done to you.  I am glorified and you are glorified when you do because you have done good to the least of your brethren.  (Matthew 25:40)  You are then glorified by receiving My blessings because you have avoided conflict, opposition, strife and killing, which is the reason for the teachings of Jesus.
     Your Good and Loving Father 

Acts 1:8 - Greek definition of the word "witness" - denotes one who asserts positively or can do what he has seen or known done; one who is an interpreter to others of God's counsel.       

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