Friday, March 11, 2016


Dear One,
    When My Holy Spirit described My family traits He contrasted them to the basic physical needs of the human body which are meat and drink.  My Spirit said through Paul that the spiritual characteristics of My kingdom are righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy Spirit.  Those are the traits that are evident in the life of a person who has sought to be My child, one who is born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, led by My Spirit and prays in the spiritual language of My Spirit.  When a person is completely invested in Me and My family, My righteousness is evident in that person and that child of mine has a peaceful and joyful mind.
    In families in the earth you have observed physical characteristics which identify certain people as being descended from his or her parents or grandparents.  There is no doubt that the characteristics came from another generation.  It is the same in the spiritual dimension.  There are children who display the spiritual traits of My family and there are others who display the spiritual traits of the family of the devil.  Jesus died for the people who display evil traits just like he died for the ones who display My loving traits.  He died for the sins of the whole world.  (I John 1-2)
     However, while living in the world, Jesus said that when He cast out demons from a person with the power of My Spirit that My kingdom comes upon that person.  In other words, when the devil is defeated in the life of a person, My kingdom descends from heaven and makes itself evident in the spiritual, mental and emotional traits of the person.  Anger, hatred, envy and jealousy are replaced with goodness, kindness, mercy and love.  It is instantaneous because the demonic kingdom that was previously in the person has been replaced by My kingdom of love.  If that person continues to seek more of My kingdom and My righteousness, love will continue to bring peace and patience to the person along
with the knowledge of being loved and prized by Me.
     To your human mind, it may not seem like a fair exchange, but in reality you go from a family of death into a family of life.  All of the family traits of My kingdom family become yours.  They are called the jewels of My kingdom.  You become crowned with My gifts to you. 
     When you continue to seek My wisdom, you receive more and more of the family treasures because each tidbit of wisdom that you receive will enlighten your mind even brighter, increasing your knowledge of the workings of My family.  As My wisdom becomes workable in you life, your human life also becomes blessed as a result.  My wisdom tutors you on how to live successfully in the world that I created for you.  What kind of Father would I be if I created a world for My children and then left them without proper instructions to care for it?  I am not that kind of father.  I am a Father who gives everything that I have to My children so that they will live a life in an abundance of virtues while in the world.  Those virtues are My righteousness.  As a result of My righteousness being evident in your life, My blessings begin to flood into your life.
     What you must know is that the devil does not give up easily.  The spiritual fact is that he will battle to get you back into his evil family.  He does not want you to be prosperous in any area of your life because of My righteous traits being your traits.  So you must be on the lookout for his temptations to engage your mind again in his strife, anger, hatred, division, dissension, lies, vengeance, and other traits of his kingdom. 
    The strategy of the devil's family is to send someone to oppose you, injure you, hurt you emotionally, steal from you, kill someone dear to you, rob you of your financial stability and his other destructive ways.  He does that so that you will react in your former ways, which were to react in his traits of anger and retaliation.  If he can entice you to join with him again, he has been successful in robbing you not only of your righteousness but of your blessings.  
    Please take My word for it that the devil does not give you up easily.  It is only by the power of My Holy Spirit that you can recognize him and his plan.  It is only by the power of My Spirit that you can resist his temptations to leave Me and My family while beginning to cling to him and beginning to act in his traits again as you formerly did.  Those traits are what got you on the road to destruction before. 
   The devil's thoughts in your mind are only temptations.  You don't have to obey them and join with his evil which leads to him cursing every area of your life.  You can refuse them when you know that My ways are opposite to his ways.  My ways will always bring success spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. (Matthew 5:38-48)
   My thoughts in your mind will be for you to do what Jesus told you to do when someone opposes you.  It is for you to never return evil for evil but to always return good for evil done to you.  My ways are for you to never strike back when hit, but to turn the other cheek joyfully. 
   My ways are the ways of righteousness.  They will result in your being blessed because you did not join with evil by obeying the temptation of the devil to strike back with either words, bad attitudes or fists.  Your righteous behavior will defeat the devil and change the offensive person into a person who seeks Me and My kingdom because you did not return evil for the evil done to you.  Because you return love instead of hatred, My love smothers the breath of the evil demons who confront you. As a result, peace reigns in the situation instead of war.
   I want you blessed as a privileged child of My family with My righteous traits.  In following My righteous ways you will be abundantly blessed.
   Your Righteous, Loving Father

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