Thursday, March 10, 2016


Dear One,
    When Jesus's earthly mother and siblings desired to speak with him while he was teaching His disciples, Jesus replied to them that His real family are those who "do the will of My Father."  (Matthew 12;46-50) He was not rebuking his earthly mother.  He was saying that, as an adult man, He needed to go about doing what I called Him to do, which was to prepare the spiritual bride, which is the church, for the Bridegroom, knowing the original advice I gave that He should leave his parents and cleave to His wife.  He knew that neglecting His spiritual bride, who were His disciples at the time, and returning to the beckon call of His earthly family would put Him outside of My will.  His mother and siblings had the choice to join with His disciples and thus enjoy His presence rather than requiring Him to withdraw from His disciples to fellowship with his family of the flesh.
   John the Baptist said that he, himself, was not the Bridegroom but He identified Jesus as the Bridegroom of the church who was prophesied to come to save the lost people and become their savior from the evil in the world. (John 3:29-32)  So when his mother Mary and His sisters and brothers wanted to speak with Him apart from His disciples, Jesus had to announce to them that My will was explicit from the beginning that as an adult man He must never put a parent ahead of His Bridegroom and the will of His Heavenly Father. (Genesis 2:21-25)  Many problems in marriages would be avoided if My children were to believe that same principle, that nothing should come between a person and his or her mate, not a parent, not a hobby, not an organization, not friends, not siblings, nothing should be allowed to emotionally separate a person from his or her mate. 
    Jesus knew that the devil is the one who sends his temptations to the minds of people to lead them to stray from My will.  Remember that My will in all matters is to keep you from being enticed to join with the devil in his dastardly plans to come between My children and Me.  If the devil can separate My children from Me, he can destroy their families because the members of the family will lose their direction and stray from My will for them.  My will for every family is to spread love among themselves and then to others. 
    Remember that when the children become adults and marry a mate, My desire is that they become bound to their mates instead of their parents.  That desire is based on the knowledge I have that the plans of the devil are that he will keep one of the mates dependent upon their parents and then the devil can instill jealousy and strife into the family relationship.  Remember that I said that where there is jeaousy and strife there is every evil work.  In other words, all the demons of hell rush into that family to do their works of evil.(James 3:16)
     Even before the beginning of the world I said that I made woman from the flesh of man and so therefore a man must be loyal to his mate instead of to his parents after he is married.   This is the way to avoid the pitfalls planned by the evil one to bring strife to an entire family: that being that a husband and wife should be bound with loyalty to his or her mate instead of to his or her parents.  They should honor their parents but they should never put the parent over the mate in importance and loyalty.
      My family values are not what the family values in the earth are considered to be.  My family values are showing love to everyone, forgiving everyone, refusing to avenge yourself, having mercy for the lawbreakers, being joyful instead of depressed, being kind to everyone, doing good to your enemies, never speaking evil of anyone, blessing those who persecute you and do evil to you, being patient and kind to those who struggle with their own negative character traits, never judging another person, elevating every person you meet in value, validating them with your love and acceptance, especially your enemies and those who do evil toward you.  Those are My family values. 
      The devil has his own family values.  They are hatred, anger, strife, jealousy, bitterness, vengeance, immorality, impurity, lying, idolatry, enmity, selfishness, dissensions, envy, divisive political parties and sects, drunkenness, carousing, and others.  My children who join with him in his family values will place upon themselves the destruction that he does in the lives of his family.  (Galatians 5:19-22).  I said that the ones who join with him cannot inherit My kingdom blessings.
      My family values never stray from love.  My family values never stray from sowing peace in the world.  My family values never stray from doing good to your enemies.  My family values never stray from being kind to everyone, even those people who oppose you.  My family values never stray from being patient with everyone because you don't look on their flesh but you look on their spirits.  My family values never stray from being merciful to the lawbreakers and the poor in spirit.  My family values never stray from doing My will in the earth, which is love.
      Being My image of love in the world will reap great rewards.  I said that those who come to Me must know not only that I am, but that I am also a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. (Luke 6:35; Hebrews 11;6) 
      Spread My real family values in the earth and you will be rewarded with My blessings.
      Your Father of Love           

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