Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Dear One,
    In My teachings through Jesus I was encouraging to the people when I told them how to access the benefits of My kingdom while they live in the earth by having a direct right to My blessings.  All of the teachings were related to relationships.  A person's relationship with Me and the person's relationship with other people were included in all of My teachings.  My first admonition was to first seek My kingdom and My righteousness as a way for every good thing to be added to your life.  It was that simple.
    The teachers of the old covenant laws, the scribes, made it impossible for people to have access to Me because following old covenant laws could never justify their right to My blessings. It takes being My child by reason of My Spirit living inside of you, making you My child, that justifies your right to the blessings of My kingdom.  It takes spiritual heritage for you to qualify for My blessings.
    The members of the political parties of the Sadducces and Pharisees were equally as disqualified in the eyes of Jesus to lead the people into receiving the blessings of My kingdom of which I am eager to share with all of My children.  Their requirements were strict observance of the rituals of the religious laws which they prounounced were necessary to please Me.  In putting their trust in the religious rituals, they bypassed Me completely.
    In His encouraging words to the people, Jesus said that the righteousness of the people needs to surpass the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, those being the religious leaders and the leaders of the political parties, for them to be able to enjoy My blessings while in the earth. (Matthew 5:20)  Then Jesus stated firmly that it is His teachings and His insights and His wisdom that guide My children into inheriting their rewards for being My children, actual inheritors of My goodness and kindness to My children.  Legal heirs are the only ones who are legally qualified to an inheritance.
    Jesus began to discourage the people from practicing the actions of the scribes the Pharisees when he said that the requiring an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, striking back when stricken, hating your enemies, fighting your enemies, yielding to lust of any kind, praying in public to be seen by men, bragging about giving alms to the poor, judging others for not obeying religious laws, and obeying all religious laws would not qualify them for being blessed by Me with the benefits of My kingdom. (Matthew 5:21-47)  Instead, He said when He taught on attitudes that the humble, the meek, the merciful, the peacemakers, the pure in heart who look on the spirts of others instead of their fleshly weaknesses, the people who seek after My righteousness and the ones who are persecuted for doing righteous acts that He taught about, those are the people who inherit the blessings of My kingdom while they still live in the earth.  (Matthew 5:3-13) 
    Jesus said that your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees or you will not be qualified to receive all of My blessings while in the earth.  In order for My children to be righteous, as I am righteous, I provided the way for your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions to become righteous and that is that you must be born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit. (Romans 8)  Through the ministry of My Spirit living inside of you, He gives you the spiritual power and the spiritual ability to allow Me to transform you into My image of righteousness, conforming your thoughts and your attitudes to My thoughts and My attitudes from the inside of you.  When you accept those gifts of My Spirit, you become the salt of the earth, the light on a hill to be seen as the image of My righteousness. Jesus said that people will glorify Me because they have seen My true character in those whose righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the religious and political leaders. (Matthew 5:13-16)
    My plan works for Me to come into the earth, via My Holy Spirit, to live in the people who invite Me to make My home in them and make them My true children who are led by My Spirit. (Romans 8:14)  I am more eager to inhabit your body and transform you into My image of righteousness than you are eager to be inhabited and transformed.  It is because of My love for you that I desire to share My kingdom benefits with you.  (Luke 12:32)
   Your relationship with Me matters to the utmost.  It is through Our relationship that I can deliver to you the benefits of My family life.
    Your Loving, Giving Father

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