Monday, March 7, 2016


Dear One,
    We have talked at length about relationships and how Jesus taught you to treat others and how to relate to Me.  His entire teaching ministry involved My methods of relating to others.  He said to, first of all, seek My kingdom and My righteousness. He said when you have heard My wisdom, follow it and act as My righteousness in the world, that everything will be added to your life to make you happy.  (Matthew 6:33)
    All of My wisdom involves methods of treating people the way that I treat you and them. If you will read the wisdom of Solomon you will see that all of his wise proverbs relate to your relationship with people and with Me.  Through Solomon I was able to get My wisdom into the world with important teachings about relationships, your relationship to Me and to others.  Solomon's wisdom was only partial wisdom.  So when My Son Jesus came into the earth, He taught you more explicit methods of how to relate to others and to Me. (Matthew 5, 6, 7)
     Successfully relating to other people always involves My wisdom, My insight, My knowledge and My instructions.  Every problem known to people comes through relationships, good or bad ones.  Every cause of stress in life involves other people because the devil works to destroy every relationship that I deem important, your relationship with your family, your neighbors, your friends, your business acquaintances and your enemies.
     The devil works particularly hard to destroy your relationship with Me by involving you in conflicts with other people.  That is why My teachings through Jesus involve how to relate to people with love.  In relating to other people with an attitude of My pure, unconditional love, you heal relationships instead of destroying them.  Conflicting relationships creates stress in your life and restoring relationships brings peace to your life.
     What you must realize is that every action that you do toward other people which is derived from My wisdom will restore relationships and furthers the ministry of reconciliation to which I called you.  When you restore a relationship and reconcile a person to yourself and to Me in acts of love, the devil is defeated in his plan to cause strife in your life. (James 3:16-18) Strife, which is accompanied by every evil work, is replaced by forgiveness, mercy and love when you follow My wisdom and follow My methods of restoring everyone to peace with yourself and to Me.  All of the tutoring by My Holy Spirit relates to bringing peace to situations where there is discord, strife, vengeance, and bitterness.  My Spirit knows the intricate causes and effects of every disagreement and He knows how to heal relationships for My sake and the sake of spreading My kingdom of love in the world.  Every wise principle spoken to you from My Spirit, if followed, will involve changes in the way you relate to other people. (James 1:2-8)
    Jesus spoke generalizations about how to relate to people.  My Holy Spirit takes those teachings of Jesus and amplifies them with His individual wisdom relating to a particular problem.. I said that the only being who knows the inside of a person is his or her own spirit and My Holy Spirit.  I said that My Spirit searches the heart of a person and discerns his thoughts. (I Corinthians 2:11-16) I will reveal them to you in order for you to successfully be able to work through My love to bring peace to the people with whom you shared the devil's strife.  That is My ultimate desire, to restore everyone to peace.  In bringing peace to a situation, the works of evil are destroyed.
     Digest the teachings of Jesus.  Make them your ultimate goal.  Then, knowing that I want you to keep peace with everyone, seek the wisdom of My Holy Spirit every time strife enters into any of your relationships.  When you hear His wisdom, then you must take His advice in order to bring peace to the relationship, furthering the ministry of reconciliation. (II Corinthians 5:17-20)
     I reconciled you to Myself through the sacrifice of Jesus.  Then I sent My Holy Spirit into your life to teach you how to live at peace with everyone, most of all your enemies so that peace will reign in the world.
     Your Peace Loving Father    

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