Thursday, March 3, 2016


Dear One,
   My Son Jesus spoke valuable words to you to teach you how to be saved from the effects of evil in the world.  The reward of your being saved from evil thoughts, attitudes, words and actions is your being able to inherit the benefits of My kingdom living while in the world. (Hebrews 11:6)  He said that if he casts out devils from people by the finger of God ( that being My Holy Spirit), then My kingdom comes upon you. (Luke 11:20) In fact, Jesus was very emphatic about that.  He said, "NO DOUBT, the Kingdom of God has come upon you."  That is the only time Jesus proclaimed "no doubt" about anything.  He was unwavering in the truth of that statement that when the works of the devil are out of your life, then My Kingdom comes upon you. 
     Jesus knew that a veil of unbelief had been placed upon the minds of all people by the devil that prevented them from being able to have spiritual eyes and ears to understand that their enemy in all problems is the devil.  (II Corinthians 3:15-16) I am not your enemy. Your family members are not your enemies.  Your neighbors are not your enemies.  Your perceived enemies are not your enemies.  Your only enemy is the devil and his demons.  They came into the earth at the permission of the first man, Adam, and they have remained in the world to harass, destroy and kill My children ever since.  Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.(I John 3:8)  My Holy Spirit continues the ministry of Jesus in the world by living inside of My children who invite Him. (John 14:12-17)
     The things that have separated you from Me and from your fellow travelers in the world are always the temptations that the devil successfully entices you to obey in order that you may lose all of the inheritance that I have for you.  He is the robber.  I said that you can't have two masters, that you will hate one or hate the other of them. (Matthew 6:20-24)  When you fall for the temptation of the devil to be in judgmental conflict with anyone, you have departed from My instruction of peace and you have joined with the kingdom of darkness temporarily. (Matthew 7:1-2)  When you have taken that wrong fork in the road, you have found that you lose your peace, your joy, your loving attitude toward everyone and your spiritual inclination to do good works and be kind to everyone. You are even in conflict with Me because you think I have not speedily vindicated you in the matter. You can see that you have departed from Me and joined with your true enemy, the devil.  You have temporarily forfeited your inheritance for the single opportunity of engaging in the devil's fruit of judgment and conflict, forgetting that the instigator of that conflict is your true enemy, the devil.
     You can rejoice when you finally awaken to the truth that your enemy. the devil, is the cause of all conflicts and that he instigated the temptation to cause you to leave Me and join with him in his emotional conflicts, pitting sibling against sibling, husband against wife, neighbor against neighbor, religion against religion, political parties against political parties, friend against friend, one race against another race and parent against child.  There are celebrations in hell and in the demons at work in the earth when conflict is accomplished by their temptations.
    BUT there is greater rejoicing in My kingdom that is in the spiritual dimension around you when you return to Me and forgive the person who offended you or injured you.  Forgiveness for your brother, your friend, your husband, your wife, your child, for people of other religions and other political sects will always separate you from the work of the devil and return you to My grace.  My angels get to do their appointed tasks of delivering to you the blessings of My kingdom when your spiritual eyes and ears are open and you realize that you have erroneously fought the wrong enemy by making a human your enemy and let the guilty party, the devil, escape without detection for a while.
    If you will notice, when the prodigal son returned to the household of his father, the father immediately restored every family benefit to the son. (Luke 15:22-24)  He treated the son as if he had never left the family.  Jesus said that there is great joy in the presence of My angels when one of My children who has gone astray returns to Me. (Luke 15:10)  My kingdom benefits are immediately restored to that person because they belonged to him from the foundation of the world.  The person only forfeited his right to them for a little while when he or she obeyed the temptations of the devil one.  The blessings of My inheritance. which belonged to My wayward child all along, upon returning to Me they are restored to him or her full measure.
    I do not punish you for obeying the temptations of the devil.  The devil's sins have their own punishment for you.  I restore to you all of your rightful blessings when you return to My ways, being led by My Spirit so that you will not fulfill the temptations of the flesh again to engage in conflict of any kind.  Making peace with everyone in your life will guarantee your being flooded with My goodness.
    My Holy Spirit will lead you to understand the truth of who is your real enemy and how to defeat him.   My Spirit will always lead you back to Me for My celebration of your homecoming to Me. 
    We celebrate Life in My family. When My Kingdom Life has been restored to you, you cannot imagine the hullaballoo of a great celebration that happens in My family because you were temporarily dead but you are alive again with My love. 
    There is NO DOUBT that I love you and prize you as My child of love.
    Your Heavenly Father of Assurance                    

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