Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Dear One,
     One of the gifts that I give to you is the ability to separate the evil that the flesh of a person does and the spirit of good inside that person. That is called the discerning of spirits. (I Corinthians 12:18) The mean, lying, disruptive, stingy, miserly, angry, unkind, selfish and other evil actions of a person are merely from the flesh of a person and should not be judged by you as the real person because those are not the real person.  The real person is the human spirit of the person who is made in My image.  That is why I am able to look on the spirit of a person instead of his flesh.  (Hebrews 4:12)
   Jesus told you that nonspiritual humans looks on the flesh of a person and judge that person as being the evil that is only attributed to the evil spirits or genes that are ministering to the person.  He also said that He and I only look on the human spirit of the person, the real person who is created in My image. (John 8:15) When you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, you can discern the difference between the two, the flesh and the spirit. 
    Paul described it perfectly when he said that the things that he desired to do by the urging of My Spirit inside of him, those things he often did not do but instead he yielded to the temptations of the devil who tempts people in their thoughts to do the evil that the devil wishes for them to do even though he knew that the devil's curses would enter his life.  He even said that the flesh lusts after the spirit to try to control it and bring it into obedience to evil, but the spirit also lusts after the flesh to control it and bring it into obedience to Me. (Galatians 5:16-25)  It is a constant battle.  You have experienced this battle many times, knowing that judging someone brings judgment upon you, but your flesh sees someone whose appearance is different than your ideal and you immediately place your judgment upon that person even though you know My admonition not to judge anyone or you will be judged by others.
     When you recognize My voice of discernment, separating the flesh of another person from the spirit of that person, then you are able to put the blame for evil actions where they belong, on the devil who is the instigator of all evil. You are then able to forgive the real person because the real person is the spirit of that person, not the flesh.  Think about it, when the body of that person dies, his flesh goes back to dust but his spirit lives on with me in My heaven.  So the actions of his flesh die with the death of his body.  The real person, the spirit, lives on because it has shed that earth suit which had so many holes in it caused by fleshly passions.
     My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of discernment.  He allows you to do what Jesus and I do, look on the spirit of a person instead of the fleshly actions of the person which are caused by his yielding to evil temptations.  This gift of discernment is what Jesus meant when he talked about the wheat and the tares, your separating the flesh from the spirit just like We do, refusing to judge the person because you know that the evil demons who influence his flesh lust after his spirit and that person often yields to those demons just like you do very often.  But you know that the true person desires to do good instead of evil.  When all people die, the the spirit of the person, the wheat, separates from the bodily tares and leaves the tares behind to burn in the fiery furnace of hell, 
    My desire for My spiritual children is that they cast out the demonic tares from their flesh while they are still alive.  That is called sanctification, becoming holy even in their flesh.  When they do, My kingdom becomes evident in their lives to great degrees.   They still must follow My leading and only discern the spirits of others and not the actions of their flesh because all people sin and come short of My glory. (Matthew 13:24-30)
     Just like a laundress sorts and separates the dark clothes from the white clothes, My children who yield to My Holy Spirit's discernment will be able to sort and separate, also, the evil fleshly actions from the good spirits of all people.   I do and you have My spiritual eyes to do the same.
     When you are able to discern the spirits of people and refuse to judge their flesh, you  will never set yourself up to be judged by the devil because you have remained in My family of love and are emissaries of my forgiveness. (I Corinthians 2:14-16)
     Instead of separating yourself from people who are not like you and do not believe like you, separate in your mind the flesh of the people from the spirits of the people and love them just as I love them. (John 13:34)
     Your Discerning Father           

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