Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Dear One,
     Yes, there is a spiritual magic potion that heals all relationships and it is the potion of unconditional love that comes from Me.  Love has powers that you cannot even imagine. (I Peter 4:8) That is why I said that when you have a revelation of My love for you and can love others just like I love you, then I am able to do exeedingly, abundantly more for you than you even dare think or imagine according to the Spirit of Love that is resident in you.  When your thoughts, your attitudes. your speech and your actions exude My love because of the atmosphere of love in you and around you, which is the atmosphere of My kingdom, I am able to do for you whatever you ask. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     When you can look at other people and can separate the evil works of their flesh from the real spiritual person, and when can bring your thoughts into captivity to the instructions of Jesus Christ, you will begin to spread My love to everyone involved in your life, your family, your neighbors, those who injure you physically or emotionally and your religious and political opponents,  Love is no respecter of persons.  Love heals your most offensive enemies and makes them your best friends and supporters.  That is what the power of love does.
     My Holy Spirit's words of love to you are truly sharper than a sword, piercing between your flesh that has been injured in some way and your spirit, and those powerful words of love from Me will discern the truth in the matter, which is My will.  He will give you such love for your enemies that you will wonder what the problem was in the beginning of the disagreement. He will discern the thoughts and intents of My heart which reside inside of you, showing the spiritual needs of your enemies instead of their actions against you. (I Corinthians 13:4-9)
     Love is the balm of Gilead spoken of, the only spiritual magic potion that heals everything, all physical and emotional injuries, all bad attitudes, all lifelong grudges, all toxic speaking, all sinful acts, transgressions, iniquities, mistakes, misdeeds and failures.  (Jeremiah 8:22) Love for all people heals every evil thing that the devil brings into your life.  Love for all people is the spiritual magic potion that heals your family, your relationships and your finances.  Love from you that is spread abroad to everyone will bring My kingdom power into your life to do its powerful healing actions.
     When you can separate the flesh from the spirit of a person, it is easy to love the person because the devil's works in the flesh of people, your flesh and others,  are what causes problems in your life and in your world.  The spiritual magic potion of love that is resident in your own spirit can take over your flesh and enable you to love others as much as I love you.  When you can do that, you have fulfilled all of the elements that the old religious laws dictate.  So, can you understand that the only commandment that Jesus gave is that you love others as I love you?  (John 13:34-35)
     Love is power because I am Love.  Love is healing because I am Love.  Love is restoration of relationships because I am Love.  Love is reconciliation because I am Love.  I love the world so much that I sent My Son of Love into the world to show My children the height, width, depth and length of My love for all of you.  Love died for your sins so that you can die TO the sins that others have done to you.  Love died for your shortcomings so that you can die to the shortcomings of others, not seeing their fleshly actions but seeing their spiritual needs.
     If love were a material potion that was set before you with the promise of healing all of your problems, you would grab it and drink it without hesitation.  My love is My spiritual character that My children often disregard instead of seeking a full revelation of it in order to become the evidence of My love in the earth, just like Jesus was. It is only through love that My power is manifested in the earth.
     Drink in the full revelation of My love and you will see that all of My inheritance for you will be delivered expeditiously.
     Nothing can separate you from My Love for you.  Make sure that nothing can ever separate your family, your friends and your acquaintances from My love for them which flows through you.
     Your Loving Father   

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