Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Dear One,
    In wars between two countries in the earth, if country A is ignorant of the battle strategies of county B, then country A has already lost the war.  Country B can hoodwink country A with sneak attacks and win every battle, helping country B win the whole war.  In battles, war strategy is very important.
    With My own children in the earth, you are in a battle against the devil and his demons who want to bring death and destruction to everybody and everything in the earth.  The invasion of the devil can be attributed to Adam's refusal to take My advice and keep the evil one out of the earth that I had given him and his descendants.  As a result, sin entered the earth through the devil.  His tactics are still to deceive My children and enter into their lives in an effort to curse them and everything that they have.
    My efforts are to always bless My children.  The devil's efforts are to always curse My children.  However, I have made many avenues to enable My children to hear My words of insight and wisdom on how to defeat the devil's works. Through defeating his works My children will reign in life as the triumphant ones, the blessed ones, inheritors of My treasury.
    The problem is that My children are mostly ignorant of who is their enemy and how to defeat him because they don't know the strategies of their enemy.   I know the strategies and I can reveal them to you if you will come to Me for My insight and wisdom.  I told Jesus how to defeat the works of the devil and I can tell you how to defeat his evil, destructive works in the world that I created for you.
    The first strategy is to know who is your enemy.  I am not your enemy.  Your neighbors are not your enemy.  Your family is not your enemy.  People of different religious beliefs are not your enemy.  People of different political beliefs are not your enemy.  People of different races are not your enemy.  Your perceived human enemies are not your real enemy. The devil and his demons are your enemy.  They are the ones who instigate all the problems in your life by using other people.  (Ephesians 6:12-18) They also use you to cause problems in the lives of others unless you know their strategies and plans.  When you are solid, immovable in the truth that your only enemies are the devil and his demons, then you have won half of the battles. 
    The second battle strategy is to know the arsenal of the enemy.  There are many, and they are camouflaged to your mind so that you don't recognize them when they sneak into your life.  They all come through your thoughts.  Thoughts of doing evil to anyone instead of doing good to everyone are his primary arsenal tactics that he uses against you in your own th.-oughts.  Sneaking into your mind is very easy for him if you don't recognize him as the instigator of evil thoughts of fear, judgment, condemnation, anger, envy, jealousy, lust, killing, stealing, lying, division, bitterness, vengeance and other destructive thoughts.  Sneaking past a sentry is his deceptive war tactic and it happens millions of times a day because My children think that the evil thoughts are their thoughts instead of the devil's temptations.  They are sent to entice My children to think evil thoughts instead of My good, loving thoughts.  When you entertain those thoughts and meditate upon them, the devil already has hold of your life.    
    The next strategy in the battle against evil is for you to be trained in your own arsenal.  Your various arsenals are My truth, My wisdom, My insight, My knowledge and My power.  I am a good Father.  I do not send you into battle without the necessary arsenal to defeat your enemy.  You have at your disposal everything in My kingdom that is efficient to defeat the devil, your real enemy.  All of My arsenal is issued to you by My Holy Spirit.  He is the power in My kingdom and He has all of My knowledge on how to defeat the devil in every area.
    The primary problem is that the devil has blinded My children to the truth about the power that is available to them in My Holy Spirit.  (Acts 1:4-8) My children are convinced by the devil that I am their enemy and that they are repulsive to Me because of their sins.  All the time the truth is in My Instruction Book that I am love and that I love all of My children and that Jesus has already paid the price for the sins of the whole world. (Romans 5:5; I John 2:2)  I know that the origin of all sins is the devil, not My children.  When My children know that truth, they are set free from the bondage to condemnation, guilt and judgment of the devil.
    Another strategy problem for My children is the knowledge that the devil fights the revelation of the power of My Holy Spirit.  My Spirit is the only spiritual military power that is efficient against evil with the power to destroy the works of the devil.  That is why the devil has blinded the eyes of My children to the power that is available to them, because he knows that he has lost the battle when My children access their true inheritance of My Holy Spirit coming to live inside of them.   Their hero, My Son Jesus, commanded them to receive My Holy Spirit so that they will have power over the devil.  Yet some of their religious leaders are so blinded by the devil that they do not even see that command in My Instruction Book.  They stop their teachings with the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, not His command to wait for My promised Holy Spirit.  Without the power of My Holy Spirit, My children who try to fight evil without My Spirit end up fighting other human beings instead of the true enemy because they are powerless against the devil, the true enemy.
    The devil is no dummy.  The devil uses the power of deception, which works with My children.  When it works with My children, the devil thinks My children are the dummies because he so efficiently and easily deceived them.  He blinds My children to the power of My Holy Spirit because it is spiritual power.
    Listen to Me instead of to the devil.  Listen to My teachings through Jesus about the Holy Spirit and My power being resident in Him. (John 14, 15, 16)   My arsenal and power are available to all of My children, along with strategies to defeat your true enemy, the devil.  You are in a war between good and evil.  Choose good and live the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Solution Granting Father

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