Sunday, March 6, 2016


Dear One,
    Every relationship in the world is either enhanced or destroyed by words.   My relationship with My children is dependent only on My words to them. (John 15:7)  From the beginning of the world My words have been the avenues through which I have instructed My children on how to adequately operate in their world, instructing them on their relationships with their mates, their children, their friends, their neighbors, their governmental officials, their animals, including how to care for their crops, their businesses, their environment and their relationship with Me.  I instructed Adam in the beginning on how to make the earth a peaceful place in which he would constantly walk in My blessings if he followed My instructions.  
    However, after he allowed the devil into the world, the devil being placed a veil over the mind of Adam and all human beings so that they could no longer hear My personal, instructive words to them. (II Corinthians 3:14-17)  In doing that, My instructive words to My children were cut off and people were left alone to govern their world without the instructions of their Creator.  Instead, the devil's words and evil plans became the mode of operation in the lives of My children.
    My efforts from that point on have been to get My beneficial instructions back into the lives of My children so that they can prosper in the planet that I formed for them.  I sent commandments through Moses, which were eventually ignored.  I sent insights, warnings and instructions through the prophets.  My children killed the prophets because My children declared that My words were too hard and restrictive. (Matthew 23:30-31) Their mental eyes and ears were still blocked by the veil of the devil.  I continued to send My words through kings who were sensitive to My words.  The devil sent demons to entice them to stray from My ways.  I continued to send prophets, even through they were killed because of My words which would have helped them in their efforts to wisely operate in their daily lives with peace prevailing.   The devil influenced My children to prefer war and discord to My peace,  to prefer domination over people instead of domination over the demons sent to defeat them.
    My personality and character began to be maligned in the world.  Instead of knowing Me by My true characteristics of goodness, kindness, love, mercy and peace, the devil convinced My children that I was a judgmental, evil, demanding God who was eager to punish them.  That misconception continued until I was able to send my son Jesus into the world to exemplify My true personality of love to My children.  (John 14:7-9) I was able to get My true, workable, righteous instructions into the world through Jesus and was able to see that His words were written in books which I call the Instruction Book but you call the Bible. They were My words spoken through His mouth by the Holy Spirit, who is the power source of My kingdom.  My instructive words through Jesus have lived on in the world forever.
   Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, defeated the devil in his own domain by being raising from the dead by the power of My Spirit and came back to live with Me in heaven.  Because of that sacrifice, I was able to send My Holy Spirit into the world to be personally received by My children who invite Him into their lives to hear My personal instructive words to them.  When you follow My instructions you become victorious over all the works of evil.  My Holy Spirit is your Advocate, the One who dispenses My inheritance to you.
    That is the history of My efforts to get My instructive, loving words into the lives of My children.  Jesus said that His followers could not fully understand what He spoke to them because of the devil's veil over their minds, but He said that when My Spirit comes to live in you that He will take everything taught by Jesus and fully explain them to you from the inside of you, infusing your mind with truth. 
    My Holy Spirit is My gift of a private Home Schooling Tutor who can restore to you the fulness of My instructions to you on how to relate lovingly to people and how to relate to Me by hearing My Fatherly instructions to you on how to efficiently operate in your world as the keeper and manager of it, like I intended from the beginning before the invasion of the evil spirits from hell. (John 16:12-15)
     My words are full of power.  They re-create everything cursed by satan into blessings for you.  My words pierce the veil, the dividing line between your mind and your spirit, and they reveal to your mind My true nature of love, allowing My personal loving instructions to you to become real in you, transforming you into My image of love and peace in your world.  (Hebrews 4:9-12) 
    You don't become more religious and judgmental when you let My Spirit be your Home Schooling Tutor.  You become more loving, kind, good, patient, merciful, joyful, faithful and willing to suffer long when tribulations come through people who yield to the works of evil.  You know you will be victorious over every evil work in the earth and your love will heal every broken heart.
    My Holy Spirit wrote that, "As Jesus is, so are you in the world."  That is My aim for you and all of My children, to be as He is in the world, the witness of My love.  That comes only by your hearing My loving words and taking My advice.  Jesus said to seek Me and My righteousness and if you do that, follow My advice, that everything good will be added to your life. (Matthew 5:33) I will show you how to be abundantly blessed.
    Your Father of Abundant Blessings

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