Wednesday, March 23, 2016


   Help is always on the way when God is brought into the equation relating to problems and the proper solutions.   That is the good news of the resurrection of Jesus and then the ensuing blessing of Him sending God's Holy Spirit into the earth to live in us and enable us to have powers that are far above human abilities.  The good news is that God's plan was to empower His children to be able to receive His wisdom and knowledge and His perfect solutions for every problem that can come our way.  Help is only a prayer away.  Prayer is merely  asking for the insight and guidance necessary to enable Him to orchestrate the perfect solution for every problem.  
  That is what God does is save us from all the works of the devil.  Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  He is still in the same profession today, working through the Holy Spirit to save us from the plagues which evil initiates in our lives.  Because Jesus rose from the dead, He empowers us to be raised from the hopelessness of defeat in all area of our lives.
  What a wonderful season to be thankful for His magnificent plan that was facilitated in the death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus and the coming of God's Holy Spirit into the earth to further the works of a loving God.
   I will be taking a five day break in order to celebrate with my family. 
   May you be surrounded with love of family and be filled with God's love this happy season.
    He has the solution you need!

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