Saturday, March 5, 2016


Dear One,
    My kingdom can be defined as My family relationships with the benefits of having good, peaceful, loving relationships between all the members of My family.  Your tutor, who is My Holy Spirit, described in My instruction book what My kingdom is.  He said that My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy produced by My Holy Spirit.  (Romans 14:12) It is the atmosphere of My heaven produced in the lives of My children who have a need for My intervention in their lives. He said that it is not meat and drink, meaning of the flesh, but it is of My Spirit.
    My kingdom coming into the earth was only a myth in the minds of the family members with whom I had a covenant with their earthly heritage and father Abraham, through whose human lineage the Son of Man, Jesus, was to come.  It was prophesied through their prophets.  Those earthly family members considered themselves as sons of Abraham.  Eventually when My plan went into full effect it was proved that they were the sons of the heritage of the flesh of Jesus, not sons of His true Father, whom I am.  However, they still waited for Him to come to earth and restore their nation to world dominance. They did not and could not understand the truth of the prophesies, that being that I would not set up a kingdom on earth as a human nation merely for world domination, but that I would set up a kingdom in the earth in the spirits of all of My children within whom I am allowed to live in the person of My Holy Spirit.  Through those children within whom I live and supply the power of My Spirit, I destroy the works of the devil in their lives and in the lives of all people who believe their testimonies and invite Me into their own lives with My power over evil. 
    My plan was never for the earth to have a nation of world dominance but My plan was that all of My children will rule over the kingdom of evil, the devil and his demons who had invaded the earth when Adam allowed him in by listening and obeying his temptations.  My plan was to restore the earth to My kingdom of Love, duplicating My kingdom in heaven, just as the world was at the beginning before evil invaded the earth.  So I sent My Holy Spirit into the world into the spirits of My children who believe in My plan to bring My kingdom of Love into dominance over the kingdom of evil that is in the world.  My Son Jesus proved that My power overcomes the power of evil when He defeated death and rose from the dead, sending the same Holy Spirit to live in you and in all of My children who invite Him, What a great gift He is because He is My Very Own Spirit.    
    Jesus prophesied that one of the first things that the Spirit of Truth would reveal to My children, from the inside of them to their minds, is the difference between the two kingdoms at work in the world, My kingdom of Love and Peace versus the devil's kingdom of death and destruction.  (John 16:7-11)  That revelation is necessary because some of My children believed then that I was the author of both good and evil.  There is still that lie resident in the minds of people because children of religion are merely interested in world dominance, not domination over evil in their own lives. (Acts 1:7-9)
    Jesus said that My Spirit will unmask the kingdom of sin as the basis of all problems and that He will reveal My kingdom of righteousness as the solution to all of the problems caused by evil. He said that My Spirit will reveal how for you to be the judge over evil because the devil is already judged by Me.  With My Spirit resident in your life, the devil can be judged by you.
    Jesus said that there were so many more things that He wanted to tell His followers but they could not believe them at that time because of the veil that had been placed over their minds by the devil.  But, He promised that when My Spirit came to live in them that He would reveal ALL Truth.  He said ALL Truth. That was a promise that was and is hard to digest by My children.  Jesus proclaimed it and it is true.  My Spirit wants to reveal everything that is in My mind to you.  (John 16:12-15)
     Paul later experienced My kingdom presence in his life and he described My kingdom as righteousness, peace and joy in the person of My Holy Spirit.  He taught that when you are are born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit that they will result in everything working for good in your life. (Romans 8:1-28)  He taught that with the power of My Spirit inside of you that you are more than a conqueror over all evil, and that nothing in the earth or in the heavens can separate you from My love. 
     Jesus never promised that you would have dominance over earthly nations or people.  He promised that with the power of My Holy Spirit you will have domination over the works of evil in your life and in the earth when you are conformed to My righteousness.  He promised that My Spirit will coach you on how to defeat everything that comes against you to rob you of your peace.  He is the ultimate Prize Fighter and His weapons are My words.  You are the receivers of the prizes which are My blessings.
     Live your life in communion with Me through My Holy Spirit.  We want you to inherit all the prizes of My kingdom of love.
     Your Loving, Blessing Father             

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