Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   All of My children are precious in My sight.  I said that all people have sinned and fallen short of My glory so there are no grounds for your judging anyone because I don't judge anyone.  (Romans 3:23) I know the weaknesses of the flesh and its proclivity to yield to the temptations of the devil. 
   You often forget that I walked the earth in the body of My Son Jesus and I know the power of deception that the devil has over people.  Jesus was tempted and yet He resisted because He had the authoritative power of My Holy Spirit to empower Him to resist.  Without My Holy Spirit, He would have yielded just like the first man.  It was the death on the cross and His entry into hell that allowed Jesus to pay the price for the sins of everybody in the whole world.  (I John 2:2)  My children who believe in Him enjoy the fruits of His salvation in being able to resist the devil also by the power of My Holy Spirit.  Those who do not believe in Him are deceived in every area of life and they are powerless against the devil's destruction and death while they are in the earth.
    My children who believe in My Son and in Me, doing My works of righteousness in the earth of goodness, kindness, mercy, love, faith, joy and patience, then they are able to enjoy heaven on earth because they resist the devil's temptations and My kingdom comes into their life.  If they don't resist and if they yield to the devil's evil temptations in their thoughts such as anger, hatred, lust, drunkenness, anger, lying, judging, condemning, envying, stealing, murder, jealousy, strife, discord, name calling, evil speaking, belittling, abuse and other demonic attitudes and actions, then they forfeit their earthly blessings because they have taken on the nature of the devil and have abandoned Me and My kingdom of love.  My arms are always open for them to return to Me because My love never ends.  When they do, they are restored to Me and My blessings. 
   Unfortunately, there are consequences to yielding to the devil and destruction is at the root of it.  It may take a while for Me to restore My blessings to you because you left a trail of destruction behind you when you followed the dictates of the devil.  I will restore salvation to you spiritually at first, mentally restoring your peace of mind also, and then seeing that your physical blessings are restored.  To speed up the restoration, doing good to all people, returning good for evil done to you, sowing peace constantly and loving everyone as I love you will guarantee the restoration of My kingdom in your life.  Those actions are not working your way to heaven.  They are doing the works of righteousness that you as My child naturally do because you have a renewed heart that is My heart of love.
    Some of My children trust so emphatically in My forgiveness that they purposely sin, knowing that I will forgive.  I taught about that when I told you in the Instruction Book that you should not sin just so My grace will abound in your life.  That is hypocrisy and hypocrisy isolates you from My goodness.   Sinning purposely will bind you to the devil and his curses, bringing destruction into your life on earth.  You must always ask yourself this question:  Is this sin that I am being tempted with, is yielding to it worth being cut off from the blessings of My family? (Isaiah 59:1-2)  I never hide My face from you.  It is the devil who comes between us when you yield to his temptations and do his will in the earth.
   Returning to Me with your whole heart restores you to My family.   Doing My will in the earth by your thinking loving thoughts, having loving attitudes, speaking loving words which bring peace to the hearers, and doing loving actions in the lives of all people are prerequisites to My kingdom coming into your life.
   There are two kingdoms at work in the earth.  Sow seeds into My garden of love by which you are blessed instead of sowing seeds into the devil's garden of destruction by which you are cursed.  It's that simple.
    Doing My will in the earth brings My kingdom of love and prosperity into your life.
    Your Loving Father of Blessings and Peace  

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