Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Every admonition, commandment and words of guidance that I told you through Jesus and through the new covenant prophets has been to help you avoid the works of evil that are in the world, placed there by the devil in order to trap you into doing his will in the earth, thus receiving his curses in areas of your life.  In My Instruction Book to you I outlined every avenue of your life that he tries to tempt you into doing his evil deeds which can only be done through My children. That is the reason that I have told My children over and over again how to avoid participating with the devil for his defeat in your life. There is not one area of life in the earth that I have not covered in My warnings to you.  In the event of having evil temptations in your thoughts, My Holy Spirit will bring to your mind the way to escape from that temptation so that you won't join with hell to further the devil's will of bringing destruction into your life.
    My son Jesus taught, lectured, admonished, warned and identified every action that My children must do in order to sidestep the traps from hell which are set to fool you into doing what will cause you to inherit hell's curses instead of My blessings.  One of the first warnings that Jesus gave was to the people who are doing their religious requirements and giving gifts at the altar of the church.  He said if you realize that someone has something against you, that you should leave the altar and reconcile with the person first and then return and give your gifts. (Matthew 5:23-24) 
   He amplified it even more and said to make friends quickly with anyone who is your accuser, even if you are on the way to court, lest the person turn you over to the devil and his demons to exert their punishment on you.  Jesus said f you don't make peace with the accuser that you will never get out of the contentious situation until you have paid your last penny to the devil's kingdom because you are joined with evil instead of being joined with My love. (Matthew 5:25-26) 
    If you notice in this teaching, the setting of which Jesus spoke was in gift giving.  My promise is that you will receive back many times over what you have given.  (Luke 6:38)  However, if someone has something against you and you do not make peace with that person, then the teaching of Jesus was that you will not only negate yourself from receiving financial blessings as a return for your giving from your heart, but the devil will see that you have paid the last penny to his kingdom.  That example from Jesus was meant to warn My children about holding grudges or allowing someone to have a grudge against you.  Making peace with everyone is a small thing to be asked by Me to do when you consider the fact that being in conflict with anyone will rob you of your financial prosperity.
   Jesus gave this stern warning to you in his teaching about your being angry with someone qualifies you for the same judgement from the devil as killing does.  (Matthew 5:21-22)  He said that anyone who insults another person will be in danger of the fires of hell coming against him.  Then Jesus gave the antidote for refusing to join with the devil in his hellish judgments against you.  Jesus said, "SO" -- "SO" -- in other words what follows are ways to avoid the devil's judgments of you if you are in conflict with anyone-- "so if you are giving our gifts at the altar and realize someone has something against you, leave and make peace with the person.  When you sow peace in the earth, you sow My kingdom instead of the devil's kingdom of conflict and destruction.  Making peace with everyone has great rewards, one of which is receiving the return on your gift giving because you are following My guidance of sowing peace in the world.  Soul peace is more important than financial blessings because you are doing My will of sowing peace in the earth and you will grow peaceful plants for your mind.
   Jesus did not talk just to hear himself talking.  Yet My children do not give credence to His words.  His words are My words given to keep you on the narrow path of righteousness on which there are great rewards.   My Holy Spirit will bring to your remembrance this teaching when you are tempted to be angry with someone.  Keeping peace with everyone is more beneficial than the religious practices of sacrificing for your sins. (I Samuel 15:22)
   You say that My ways are higher than your ways.  (Isaiah 55:9)  If you truly believe that, you will take My Fatherly advice and keep peace with everyone. even those who have something against you.
    Your Peace Loving Father 

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