Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
   Everyone has standards by which they were raised depending upon their heritage, their backgrounds, plus their financial, social and political standards which outline their concepts of right or wrong behaviors.  If you judge other people by your own family standards, even though they don't have the same heritage, background or financial, social and political standards, then you have become a law unto yourself, expecting others to think and act like you do with your particular programming.  You judge them for not measuring up to your own standards.  It is those judgments which Jesus warned you against, saying that if you judge others by your narrow standards that the devil will make sure that you will be judged by other people also by their standards and declared guilty of not measuring up to their own particularly stringent standards. (Matthew 7:1-6)  Judgment begets judgment.
    Where is the error?  It is in expecting anyone to have the same actions of right or wrong that you have, even though they don't have the same family, religious or social programming.  Judging others by your own narrow standards while you are not living up to My standards to which you claim as your guide is opening the door to having hell in your life because you have become hypocritical by being led by the devil to judge others by your own narrow standards. 
    On the righteous side, there are people who do not have access to My words through religious teaching but they do instinctively what I instruct My children to do.  Those people have My words written on their hearts because they are sensitive to My voice within them.  They have become good laws unto themselves, making righteous decisions, knowing good from evil, refusing to judge others, and even returning good for evil.   Their conscience bear witness to My truth and they follow their conscience.  I said that it is not the hearers of My words who are righteous but it is those who are doers of My words who are righteous in My eyes. (Romans 2:12-16)  It is doing My will that causes My kingdom to come into your life because the person who does My will is refusing to follow the devil's temptations and by doing My will they are glorifying My characteristics in the earth. 
    Some of My own children who are born of My Spirit are reluctant to trust Me when I write My words of guidance on their hearts, leading them onto righteous paths.  They don't know My voice because they only trust the human voices of their religious leaders.  Humans are always subject to the temptations of the devil.  If their leaders cannot hear My voice of guidance which writes My beneficial words on their hearts, then they are often led astray themselves and they lead others of My children astray into inheriting the devil's kingdom on earth instead of inheriting My kingdom of love, peace and prosperity on earth. 
    You must learn to hear My voice inside of you so that you will not be deceived.  Remember that My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.  My voice within you will lead you to forgive people instead of judging them, to love instead of hate, to return good for evil done to you instead of returning evil for evil,  I will coach you to pray for people you call your human enemies and to make peace with those people who oppose you and persecute you.  I will prompt you through My Holy Spirit to do what Jesus taught all of My children to do.
   Do not set up yourself and your human heritage as a standard.  When you become My standard in the world, you will bless the people who judge you.  You will do good to them.  You will forgive them just like I forgive you instead of retaining their sins and judging them.  I judge no one and as My child you must learn not to judge but to, instead, easily forgive others.  It is in doing those things that qualify you for having heaven on earth as My kingdom comes into your life as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
   Your Forgiving, Loving Father 

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