Thursday, July 27, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When the devil floods into your life or your world, I want to raise My standard in you against his evil work.  Through My Son Jesus I spoke directly to some of the devil's deceptive works and told My children about My standards relating to ways to overcome his temptations which are sent into your thoughts to bind you to his works through which he can curse your life.  My standards stand against the works of the devil and protect My children from falling into unity with him through which they do his evil will in the earth.
    One of My standards which stands against evil relates to the old religious law about not swearing falsely, but instead to perform your oaths as unto Me.  Jesus cautioned you about not only refusing to swear falsely, but He told you not to even be persuaded to take an oath to do anything, swearing by heaven, by earth, by Me, by your nation or its headquarters, not swearing that you will do something and not swearing to tell the truth.  (Matthew 5:33-36)  If you remember, he said anything more than yes or no comes from evil.  In other words, He said that a requirement to take an oath is a trap by the devil set for you so that if you do not tell the complete truth or do what you swore to do, that the door is open for the devil to condemn you with guilt, torturing you with his mental thoughts of being punished for your not telling the complete truth or your not performing the duty to which you swore to do.  Instead of taking an oath or swearing to do something, Jesus said that you should merely say yes or no.  Following that is when He said something profound, that anything more than yes or no comes from evil.  In saying that, He identified the devil's hand in forcing people to take an oath.  (Matthew 5:37)
   Relate this to the truth Jesus taught about whether to give tribute to an earthly nation or to Me.  Pointing to a coin with Caesar's head on it, He said to ONLY give to Caesar what is Caesar's but to give to Me what is Mine.  In other words, pay your required taxes to your nation, as required by national law, but your allegiance and devotion should only be reserved for Me and My kingdom.  (Mark 12:13-17) 
   Devout oaths of allegiance unite you to the evil things of an earthly nation as well as the good things, bringing the devil's judgment upon you for your blind allegiance to the nation's works of evil.  Being united to Me and My kingdom only unites you to My wonderful blessings which I have stored for your inheritance when My righteousness in you proves your heritage as My child.  Do not give up your rightful inheritance as My child by ignorantly swearing allegiance to an earthly nation in which evil often prevails by robbing from the poor in preference to the rich, refusing to help widows and orphans, giving honor to the rich who have a difficult time entering into My kingdom because of their love for riches and their places of honor in their nation. (Isaiah 10:1-6; Matthew 19:23-26)
   Heed My standards as set forth in My Instruction Book, the Bible, as spoken by My Very Own Son Jesus.  He said He only spoke what He heard from Me.   My ways are not your ways of honoring the rulers of your earthly nation with blind allegiance.  When their fruit is rotten and poisonous, do not swear allegiance to them or you will eat their fruit and become rotten yourselves, rejecting My kingdom in favor or an evil earthly nation. 
  I told you to obey the laws of your nation and the local authorities, but I never told you to swear blind allegiance to its kings, princes, legislators, senators, judges and heads of state, revering them as special enough to be idolized.  If you do, you sign up for the curses that they sow in the earth.  They are made from the dirt of the earth, just as your flesh.
   You are not of an earthly nation in the world.  If you pledge your allegiance and devotion to it, you will reap the devil's curses with which the nation engages.  You are of My family, a kingdom which cannot be destroyed or defeated.  (Romans 12:2)  Magnify My kingdom in your life instead of magnifying a nation which will inherit the devil's curses because of the evil it has done.
    Take the admonishment of Jesus to heart about refusing to take an oath or swear allegiance to something.  He was setting the standard of only letting your answer be yes or no because anything else, such as swearing allegiance or taking an oath, comes of evil to entrap you into future guilt, condemnation and other curses, all of which are from hell and are destructive.
   Your Father Who Protects You from Evil with My Standards            

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