Thursday, July 6, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   If you had the spiritual eyesight that Ezekiel did, you could see into the spiritual dimensions that exists around you, commonly called the heavens.  It's the spiritual world of which other prophets were also blessed to perceive.  I even identified in My Instruction Book to you the inhabitants of My heavenly spiritual dimension called My kingdom of heaven which surrounds you. (Hebrews 12: 1-2 and 22-28)  I said that the people who lived before Jesus were ushered out of their spiritual waiting place by Jesus when He rose from the dead and they are in that dimension with Me.  Those people believed in the coming of the Messiah so they are members of My kingdom.  Also, with Me in My spiritual dimension surrounding you there are the spirits of the righteous who are made perfect, those who have believed in Jesus Christ from the day of his ministry until now.  Also, there are myriads of angels in My heavenly kingdom, more than you can even imagine.  They are My servants and your servants, sent to help you and all of the people who are  inheritors of salvation.  Jesus is in My spiritual kingdom.  His blood is there continuing to cleanse sinners, and I am present there in that kingdom around you.  Who else do you need on your side?  You have the most powerful forces in existence who are eager to bring My blessings into your life.
   Knowing the reality of that premise, let Me explain to you the schematics behind  why I told you to return good for evil done to you.  I did not tell you to return good for evil done to you because it makes you a goody two shoes, as religious people are occasionally called.  I never ask My children to do anything just for show or to prove their religious virtues.  There are spiritual reasons behind all of My instructions to you and they are to save you from participating in the evil works of the devil so that you can avoid being cursed by the devil. 
    Picture this in your mind:  When someone does an evil deed to you, they are acting from the temptations of the devil and his demons who are surrounding them at the time in another spiritual dimension other than Mine.  They tempt the person to either do evil actions to you or they tempt the person to speak evil words to you or about you.  Those actions happen because the devil wants you to react with evil actions, too, so that you authorize more demons to be at work in the situation.  If you do react with evil intentions, you summon more demons to be present in your life.  You have glorified the devil by doing his will, multiplying his presence in the world by reacting favorably to the temptation of his demons.  Because you have authority and free will in the world that I gave to humans in the beginning, I have to retreat from being a part of your life because you have chosen to obey My enemy and your enemy.  You have chosen the devil as your temporary father by returning evil for evil done to you. 
    On the other hand, picture this:  When someone does something evil to you, acting from the temptation of the devil and his demons in an effort to trap you into returning evil for evil so that the devil is magnified in the world, if you instead return good for the evil done to you, My Own powerful kingdom is multiplied in the world.  The cloud of witnesses from My heaven advance into the situation, and My blessings are released to you because My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.   Because My spiritual power overcomes all evil, the devil and his demons have to retreat because you have chosen to do My will in the earth of returning good for evil done to you.  Evil has failed and good has won the battle.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  The devil and his demons begin to seek someone else whom they can devour and leave you alone temporarily.  My angels minister to you just like they did with Jesus when He refused to obey the devil's temptations.  (Matthew 4:11)  They bring My kingdom benefits into your life.
   Everything that I ask you to do, everything that I admonish you to do, everything that I advise you to do and everything that I command you to do are to help you defeat your spiritual enemy, the devil, because he wants to deceive you, trick you and trap you into doing his will in your life so that he can curse you over and over again with his destruction.  Even under the old covenant with a nation, the religious laws were given by Me to help My children identify the devil's works of idolatry, stealing, envying, killing, lust, rebellion and on and on.  That is why I warned My children not to do them.  Unfortunately, the devil's spirit of deception caused My children to do the opposite, instead of using those laws to identify the works of the devil, the devil  taught religious people to use those laws to judge others and to bring condemnation and guilt upon themselves.  The devil and his demons were not identified as the enemy of My children and they have perpetuated those lies for centuries until Jesus came and began to reveal that all sin and all evil come from the devil, not from Me and not from My children. 
    Please know that I am Love and everything I do is to alleviate your tendency to believe the evil thoughts placed in your mind by the devil in his effort to capture you and claim you for his own, cursing every area of your life.  (I John 4:13-17)  My caution to you to always return good for evil done to you was given to encourage you that the way to defeat the devil is to do My good works of love to everyone who does evil to you so that My kingdom and My family is furthered in the earth that I gave to My children.  Good always defeats evil.  Love always defeats fear. ( I John 4:18-21)
    However, if you do return evil for evil done to you, then you give your life in the earth over to the devil, surrendering your will to his will, and you inherit his curses instead of My blessings while you live in the earth.  You must know the tactics of the devil.  Learn to recognize his temptations in your thoughts and then refuse to do his will in anything.
    Good always overcomes evil.  Know that truth and practice it.  If you know Me, you know My love.  When you do My loving actions in the earth to your friends and your temporary human enemies who come against you, you will have heaven on earth and I will be magnified and glorified in the earth as the Father of Love that I am.
(I John 4:6-12)
    Your Father of Good and Beneficial Advice

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