Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Everything that came out of the mouth of Jesus was to teach you about being cautious so that you would not fall for the temptations of the devil.  He had been tempted and He knew that the devil would not stop in his efforts to destroy My children by tempting them to do his will in the earth which always brings destruction and death.  He was experienced in refusing to fall for the evil tricks and He wanted to let you know how to also stand against the devil, just like He did, and refuse to obey the tempting thoughts.   He even identified one of the thoughts when He said that the thoughts to return evil for evil done to you is one of the devil's tricks to catch you in his trap so that he can destroy you. 
    Jesus said thoughts of requiring an eye for an eye from someone or a tooth for a tooth from someone is clearly from the devil's bag of tricks to deceive you into thinking that retaliation is beneficial for you.  He said for you not to resist someone who is evil or you will be multiplying evil in the world.  He said that if someone strikes you, that you should not strike the person in return, but you should turn so that the person can strike you again.  He was not telling you to be cowardly.  He was encouraging you not to multiply evil in the earth by doing the same evil thing that another person who has succumbed to the devil does to you.  He insinuated that refusing to fight a person will diffuse the situation and cause the evil demon behind the evil action to lose its power.(Matthew 5:38-44)  
    My Son Jesus said that the old traditional saying that you should love your neighbor and hate your enemies is not a part of My kingdom of heaven.   He told you to love your enemies and even coached you to pray for your enemies.  He said that I don't send rain on only the righteous people but I send rain on both evil and good people.  So He said for you to do the same as I do, loving your enemies as well as your friends so that you will be identified as My children.  Jesus said that the people who were considered evil at the time only loved their friends but My children should be like Me and love their enemies as well as their friends.(Matthew 5:43-46)     
    Another part of the teaching is that if someone sues you or robs from you and takes your coat, then you also should give the person your cloak. (Matthew 5:40) You must be firm in your faith that I will return to you what has been taken from you.  The attitude that is behind that teaching of Jesus is that in your giving to the person that the same thing will be returned to you pressed down and running over by other people. You must know My character to be sure that I will return things to you. You must be firmly convinced that I am a Father of My word who never speaks a lie. 
   Jesus said that if someone forces you to go with him one mile, that you should go with him an additional mile.  That is another example of not resisting evil, but to always do what an intruder or a robber asks of you in order for you not to return evil for evil done to you. (Matthew 5:41) If you return evil for evil, you risk getting killed or injured in some way, but if you are agreeable and merciful with the person you are sowing seeds into My garden of goodness and the same goodness will be returned to you. 
   My ways are opposite to the ways of the world because people have adopted the devil's ways as normal and acceptable.  The ways of the world  might be acceptable to unbelievers but they are not acceptable in My kingdom because many of them come from evil thoughts and attitudes, leading My children astray into destruction and death.   My ways are always kind, good, forgiving, merciful and loving, leading to My kingdom coming into your life on earth.
    When your actions and reaction are kind, good, merciful and loving, then people will see your good work and glorify Me.  My children glorify Me by their loving character, especially their treatment of those people whom they consider their human enemies. 
    My Holy Spirit will clue you to do what I have commanded you to do so that you will become a perfect image of My character in the earth.
    Your Cautioning Father of Love.

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