Thursday, July 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My standard of love, which I have admonished you to always raise in troubling situations with other humans, will work miracles with anybody who comes against you in opposition, bullying, strife, anger, hatred or any other of the devil's traps that he sets for you.  Love always overcomes evil; goodness always overcomes evil; kindness always overcomes evil.  Love is My standard to use with humans.
   There are instances when the standard that you must raise is My standard of authority, taking authority over the devil in intercessory prayers and in ministering deliverance to people who are possessed by the devil.  Using love does not work with the devil.  Only using the authority of My name will overcome evil spirits of any kind, the demons who possess and oppress people, the demons who are behind destructive weather, the demons who are controlling angry people and the demons who cause health problems.  Through intercessory prayers of My Holy Spirit, you can allow Me to take authority over demons and cast them out of circumstances, out of people, out of troubling situations and out of rebellious individuals.  When you succumb to My Holy Spirit's anointing words in prayers, My Spirit, Himself, takes authority over those demonic spirits and wrestles with them, winning every time.  That is why I gave My spiritual languages to people, to allow My Holy Spirit's words to speak My authoritative truth to the demons, to speak My knowledge to them, causing them to leave your life and go to hell. 
   My words of authority in My Spiritual language are powerful.  They astound the demons and the demons know that they have no power to overcome My own supernatural power.  We have met many times in spiritual battles and I have defeated them every time.
   When you pray in My spiritual tongues, My power is exalted in the heavens and even the demons bow to My will. (Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4) This truth is why it is so important for My children to be baptized in My Holy Spirit and pray in My spiritual language, because they are the only proven words that are powerful against evil.  You know that you are praying My words and with My authority when you pray in My Holy Spirit's intercessory languages.  There is always 100% success rate when you let My Spirit use His strategies to accomplish what you and I want accomplished.  His words have the authority to do what I command evil spirits to do, which is to stop harassing My children.
    This is why I said that the formula works of walking in the Spirit plus praying in the Spirit equals everything working together for your good.  (Romans 8:9-28)  In every bad situation and in every bad circumstance you must use My standard of love with humans who come against you, but you should use My standard of taking dominion and authority over the evil spirits who instigate every trying situation.  When you do this, you handle the kingdoms of both families the way Jesus did, loving people but taking authority over demons.  Sometimes people use strong authority with people, insulting them and demanding things be done.  All that does is play into the hands of the devil, joining with him to spread evil in the earth. 
   Being led by the Holy Spirit + praying in the words of My Holy Spirit = all things working together for your good. 
   Being led by My Spirit will result in your loving other people unconditionally.  Praying in the words of My Holy Spirit allows Me to execute My will in the heavens against evil demons who are behind every evil thing in the earth.  Both of those together causes all things to work together for your good.
   Become a doer of My words, always loving people unconditionally.  Become a doer of My words by being baptized in My Holy Spirit and interceding in My spiritual language.  When you do, I can do super abundantly, exceedingly more than you dare think, ask or imagine, according to the power of My Spirit in you.  It is the gospel, the good news in simple form.
    Your Father of All Liberating Truth 

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