Sunday, July 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We talked about the fact that when the devil comes in like a flood with his evil ways that My Holy Spirit will raise up My standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19)  We talked about the truth that My standards are always love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, faith and patience.  There is no standard of behavior that overcomes evil like goodness, kindness and love.  Evil cannot stay around good actions because goodness repels evil. 
   My Holy Spirit is the gold standard, the highest quality of gold standard which supports My behavior in you of being loving and kind, even to your enemies.
   In your nation the gold standard in money is the amount of gold necessary to back up paper and metal money.  If there is no gold standard, there would be no money because money has to be backed up with gold. 
    It's the same in My kingdom.  Your activities that are loving, kind and good are backed up by My Holy Spirit whose fruit are love, kindness and goodness. (I Corinthians 12:4-11) So when My children yield to My Holy Spirit's gold standards, you become loving, kind and good to others, even to your enemies.   I told you that I am good to the unbelievers as well as to the believers, that I make the sun to shine on all of you.  All loving actions, all kind actions, all good actions come from Me and can only come from Me because I am the gold standard for every good action in the world. (Matthew 5:43-38)   I back up your standards that you set in the world with My gold standards.
   I am calling them "gold" standards because when My children operate in their world using My gold standards of love, goodness and kindness toward others, they are sowing seeds for gold to come into their lives in the form of My kingdom treasures coming on earth as they are in My heaven.  As you sow seeds in the world from My gold standards of love, goodness and kindness toward others, those gold standards multiply into multiple golden blessings flooding into your life because you have opened the doors and windows to the earth through which My blessings flow from My heaven.
    My gold standard is backed up by the blood of Jesus Christ, My Son.  He paid the price so that My children can incorporate My Holy Spirit into their lives, giving them a new life, new thoughts, new attitudes, new speech and new actions which come from My kingdom of heaven.  When My Spirit comes to live in you, He brings all of the gold with Him which He places in your spirit, ready to become flesh in you as you become My image in the earth. 
   Remember when you were wrestling with the decision of whether you wanted to ask for My Holy Spirit to live in you, and I asked you if you wanted to continuing to wallow around in familiar garbage or if you wanted My unfamiliar gold. You chose at that moment and said that you wanted My unfamiliar gold.  At that instant, in the twinkling of an eye, your entire motivation for living was changed because you became a new creation when you became born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  My gold began to flow into your life in the form of insightful wisdom, unconditional love, unearned kindness, unlearned knowledge, unspeakable joy, forgiveness for others instead of condemnation, peaceful thoughts instead of toxic thoughts and you became patient with everyone because of the gold standard of love which is in My Holy Spirit.
    You received the first fruits of being instantly made into My child.  Your walk with Me has been a golden walk as if We are on streets of gold.  You see things with My eyes and you hear things with My ears, bringing spiritual insight which enlightens your mind and causes great joy in you. Yes, the gold standard has become your standard and your life is rich with My blessings.
   Share this truth with others, that the gold standard in My kingdom is My Holy Spirit and My unconditional love which is in you.
   Your Gold Standard Father

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