Thursday, July 13, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My instructions to My children, if followed, allows them to enter into having My kingdom of love evident in their lives while in the earth.  I said that My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Following My advice keeps you from falling for the evil temptations of the devil which put you in unity with him instead of in unity with Me.  When you are one with Me, as Jesus prayed, then you are unified with My kingdom of love and you will experience My goodness, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, love, peace, patience and joy. (John 17:11; Galatians 5:22-23) In other words, you will walk in miracles every day because My children deserve My miracles as part of their heritage.  That is what I, as your Father, do; I make My kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 5:10)
   Very often the eyes of your understanding are blind to what I have already done for you in proving My love for you.  I have given to you the gifts of My Holy Spirit to make your life in the earth easier and more pleasurable.  I send My gifts of healing to you.  I send My miracles to you.  I send My knowledge and insight to you that goes above and beyond your limited human knowledge.  I send My own words to be prayed through your mouth which create solutions to your problems.  I send My wisdom and insight to you through prophesies that I speak in your mind.  I give you gifts of faith with which you believe with My faith.  I give you the ability to discern the difference between the spirits who are ministering in your mind or in someone else, whether they are from My heaven or from hell.  I send the gift of tongues and interpretations to you to prove to the unbeliever that I am real.  All of My gifts are available to you when you are unified with Me.   They make your life easier, successful and prosperous.  You even receive supernatural strength in situations of diversity so as to overcome them victoriously.  I give you gifts from My kingdom of love to enhance your life in the earth, making it heaven on earth, which is My desire for all of My children. (II Corinthians 12:4-11)
    All of those gifts are available when you are in unity with me.  However, if you fall for one of the devil's temptations and begin to display his character in the earth, you are disqualified from collecting My blessings because you have put yourself in unity with your enemy and My enemy, the devil.  You have left the confines of My Kingdom and you have abandoned Me and My heavenly forces.  You will not receive My blessings while you are in the earth.   You are either for Me or against Me.  When you choose to serve the devil by acting in obedience to his evil temptations, you have chosen the wrong kingdom in which to belong.  You forfeit your heavenly blessings until you return to Me. Instead of collecting My inheritance that has been set aside for you, you have chosen the wrong thing, chosen hell instead of heaven, chosen curses instead of blessings.  I told My children in the beginning that I gave them the choice between good and evil, between blessings and curses. (Deuteronomy 30:19)
   My Holy Spirit wants to reverse the curses that came into your life when you made an alliance with the devil and his demons.  First you must turn from those evil ways and return to Me.  Your inheritance is distributed to you and you are able to collect it when you are in unity with Me instead of being in unity with the devil and his demons through which he qualifies you to receive his curses.
    It's always a choice between good and evil as far as living in the earth goes.  Choose My ways and win in the battle of life.  I will never fail you. Take every facet of My teachings and incorporate them into you life.  When you do, you will truly be able to soar with the eagles, above all of elementary, unproductive things of the earth and you will experience heaven on earth, as Jesus prayed. (Isaiah 40:31; Matthew 6:10)
   Your Loving Father

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