Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   For My children, all battles must be spiritual battles, not flesh and blood battles.  Your real enemies are not people, they are the devil and his demons in the spiritual atmosphere around you.  (Ephesians 6: 10-12)  Those demonic beings are the cause of all problems in your earth.  You don't see them, but you see the result of their work in your life.  They tempt My children to do evil things to each other and they tempt My children to do evil things which reverberate back upon themselves which bring destruction and death.  Evil demonic spirits are the enemy of all of My children and of the earth that I created for My children. 
   If you will remember, I created the first human in My Own image. (Genesis 1:27)  So everyone in the earth is a descendant of the first man and every person is created in My image.  That is the reason Jesus said that whatever you do to the least of your brethren in the earth, you do to Me because every person in the earth has My life source in them or they wouldn't be living.  (Matthew 25:40-45)     
   Every person in the earth has also sinned and fallen short of projecting My image in the earth only because of the presence of the devil and his demons in the earth which tempt My children to do the will of the devil. 
   I give to My children the power of My Holy Spirit to do the opposite of what the devil tempts them to do.  Instead of returning evil for evil done to you, I told you through My Son Jesus that you should return good for evil done to you, which is the opposite of what the devil tempts you to do.  The temptations of the devil and his demons in your thoughts are to always do evil in the earth so that his curses will continue to be replicated in the earth.   My enticements in your thoughts are to always do good so that My blessings will be replicated in the earth.   Jesus died for the sins of the whole world so that when My children are tricked by the devil and his demons to do their evil will in the earth, I do not see those sins.  I only see the blood of Jesus which was shed for them.  However, sin has its consequences in the earth.  Your sins, which are done in obedience to the devil's temptations, will bring destruction into your life until you return to Me and continue doing My will in the earth.  My will is to always do good to others and My will is for you to obey My words which come in your thoughts, words of goodness and kindness.
   I do not tempt you to do evil in the earth to tempt you and try you to prove your loyalty to Me.  There is no evil in Me so why would I tempt you to do evil.  (James 1:13)  I said to let no man say when he is tempted that he is tempted by Me, yet many teachings and sermons have been delivered promoting that erroneous doctrine.  My children are led astray by their own desires which are instigated by the devil in their thoughts. 
   I said that the person who endures temptations without yielding to them is a perfect person and that he or she will receive the crown of life by ruling in the earth over the demonic kingdom instead of being ruled by it. (James 1:12)  In that teaching I said that every good and perfect gift comes from Me, the Father of Light, in whom there is no shadow of turning from good to evil or evil to good.  I am always the same, good, loving and kind. (James 1:16-19)
   In that dissertation through James I encapsulated My desire for you in how to always do My will in the earth.  I said for you to be quick to hear the opinions of others and quick to hear My words of guidance.  I said that you must be slow to speak in answer to anyone or you might respond with evil.  Instead, I said to be slow to anger because anger does not do the works of My righteousness.  I said to put away all filthiness and growth of wickedness.  I said instead, that you must with meekness receive My words which I speak to you in trying situations which will save your soul. (James 1:19-21)  I will tell you not to speak evil, defamatory or angry words in answer to someone who has spoken evil to you.  I will tell you the words of peace to speak in the situation and then you and the person will leave the situation whole, blessed in every way.
   When you return good for evil done to you, then you are doers of My words, not merely hearers.  You will receive the 100 fold reward while in the earth because you have sown seeds into My kingdom of love.  I said when you are doers of My words of keeping peace with everyone, then you are blessed in everything you do.  (James 1:25)  BUT, I said that anyone who thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue, he or she is deceived and his or her religion is in vain because words are creative and they either create blessings or they create curses in your life.  Refusing to bridle your tongue spews the devil's curses into your earth and into your life, deceiving yourself and cursing yourself because the devil and his demons are there to further their will which is cursing your life and the lives of others through you when you give them permission through your speaking evil words as instigated by the devil .  (James 3)
   I went on and said through James that you must not speak evil against anyone, that it is that evil desire which start wars, wars against family members, wars against friends and wars against religious and political enemies . (James 4;11)  It should not be so with My children unless they choose destruction for their lives.
   I said to let no man say that I test and try My children.  Don't say it and don't believe it.  You are letting the devil off of the hook as the guilty one when you blame Me.  When you blame Me, you refuse to battle against the devil in intercessory prayer and in overcoming evil with good.  Hear My words and then do them by battling the evil done by people with good works returned for the evil done by the person.  Battle the devil with intercessory prayers.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  That is the only battle to which My children are called.
   Your Father of All Good Things

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