Sunday, July 23, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We have talked about My standards which you need to display at all times when evil comes against you through other people, that being that My standard is to love the person, to bless the person, to do good to the person and to pray for the person.  We talked about that I want you to be perfect in loving others, loving them as I love you, that that is the standard of perfect love.  We also talked about the standard of using the the power of My name against the devil and his demons when they are using other people against you, that you should cast out demons in My name when appropriate and battle with them in intercessory prayers, cooperating with Me by praying My words which allows Me to wrestle against the principalities and powers of the air who are motivating the people who do evil in the world. (Ephesians 6:10-18)  I stated that flesh and blood are never your enemies, but that you should wrestle against the demons in the air around you in intercessory prayers.  They are your real enemies.. 
    An effective standard that you must display with a person who is angry with you is the standard that I set of going to the person and asking forgiveness for what you have done to make the person angry with you, thus making peace with him or her.  Always keeping peace with everyone is My standard in every divisive, discordant and strife filled situation.  In every strife filled situation there are multiple demons at work behind the scenes.  In making peace with the humans, you rob the demons of their ability to do destructive work in your life and in the earth by continuing their discord which often leads to murder. (Matthew 5;21-26) I even said that being angry with anyone and calling them names will invite the fires of hell into your life because anger comes from hell and causes you to become cursed in your life.
   To emphasize this truth about the standard of peace, Jesus said to always make peace with someone who accuses you while you are on the way to court, or the accuser will turn you over to the devil who is the judge of this world, and he will put you in emotional prison and you won't get out until you have paid your last cent of mental peace.  The devil will keep you in mental prison with angry thoughts until toxic hormones surge through your body and curse it with diseases which will kill you.  Anger kills just like murder kills, only anger is a slower death. That is why Jesus compared anger to killing someone and said it is on the same level of sin. 
    In dealing with other people, My standard of love will raise the standard of peace in your thoughts, giving you the instructions to keep peace with everyone at any cost so that you will have heaven on earth as it is in My heaven. (Matthew 6:10) There are no disagreements, discords, strife, vengeance, anger or jealousy in My heaven.  Those are only found in the earth where the devil roams about seeking whom he may devour.  The devouring of My children is done by making My children angry at each other and feeding the anger with more temptations to be angry until the result is death, either killings with weapons or with sickness and diseases.  The devil feeds every angry situation by whispering his temptations of discord and strife into your mind until the results are an all out war between My children whom I love. 
  My children who are perfected in love will keep peace with everyone because they know by revelation that the devil is the instigator of every disagreement and My children who are perfected in love know that the end result will be destruction and death if they don't raise the standard of peace with everyone.  Keeping peace with everyone sows My love seeds in the earth and furthers My kingdom in the earth.
   You have been called to peace.  Keeping peace with everyone means that you have raised My standard of peace in every situation and you have caused the angels of heaven to minister to you by bringing My kingdom of heaven on earth in your life. 
    You must be a reflection of My peace in the earth, being at peace with everyone just like I am at peace with you.  When you keep peace with everyone, you are a light on a hill, giving light to everyone.  Because of your standard of keeping peace with everyone and loving unconditionally, you glorify Me and My kingdom.  I said that peacemakers are called My children.  Keeping peace is a standard that My children must do with the power of My Holy Spirit.(Matthew 5:16)
   Your Peace Loving Father

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