Saturday, July 29, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   When I created your world for you and all of My children, I gave it to all of you and told you that it is yours upon which you have full dominion. (Genesis 1: 27-31) It became yours and it was no longer My property to dominate.  So in giving it to My children, I no longer had dominion over it unless My children invite Me into it with their faith and trust in Me to give them help and assistance.  But, they still have dominion.  I gave My sovereignty in the earth to My children.  However, I retained My sovereignty in the heavens from which the earth was created.  The only times when I become sovereign in the earth again is when My children ask for My help and allow Me to be sovereign in troublesome matters.  When they are wise enough to ask for My help, then I become sovereign in that matter because they have relinquished their dominion to Me in that particular situation.
    Because I am the creator of the earth, can I just vicariously swoop in and rescue My children?   No, because of My giving the earth to My children, making them the bosses of it.  I do not take away any gift that I give.  If I did, I would not be Love.  The only way that I can enter into the earth with My Saving grace is when invited into it by My children.  That is called prayers.  Prayers are when My children are unable to handle a situation in the earth and they call upon Me, as their Father, to enter the situation and work with them to correct it.  That is why I said anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. (II Samuel 22:4; Psalm 18:3; I Timothy 2:4)  
   When the first man did not take My advice and allowed evil to enter into his beautiful world, which was the gift that I gave to him,  he gave dominion of the earth to an evil alien called the devil.  From that day forth the earth was cursed with his demons, men were cursed, women were cursed, animals were cursed and the ground was cursed by the presence of demons who became residents of the earth in addition to My children.  The demons are spiritual beings and are sent from hell to tempt My children to do their evil deeds in the earth, thus bringing more and more curses into their lives.  After the first man opened the door to evil and became cursed with shame, I told him about the curses that had invaded his world because of his choice.  (Genesis 3:9-21)     
     Multitudes of times every second of every day the same scenario happens, My children obey the temptations of the devil in their thoughts and their lives become more and more cursed because of the presence of evil in their lives.  I cannot swoop in to help until they ask Me for My assistance, which is called prayers.  I am eagerly awaiting their pleas for help so that I can meet My Fatherly obligations of love and rescue My children from the clutches of the devil who entered the earth in the beginning at the invitation of the first man, Adam.
   There are several things that restrict My entry into the world to help My children.  One is idolatry, placing your dependence upon other gods before Me.  Those gods can be your dependence upon another person, your dependence upon your  country, your dependence upon sports figures, your dependence upon entertainment figures, your dependence upon religious leaders or your dependence upon political leaders.  When My children hold any earthly being in esteem and at the forefront of their minds as far as saving them from calamity and destruction, then those leaders have become the idols of My children.  If belonging to an organization or certain church gives prestige to My children, then the church has become an idol.  If you allow a religious teacher to become the answer to all of your needs, then that person is an idol.  If a political person or organization is your identify and your role model, then they are your idols.  They are all made of earthly clay and dirt and they have no power to save you from the works of the devil, who is a spiritual entity.   Only I can defeat the works of the devil and his demons in your life. 
   Very often, My children try to blend national patriotism with their relationship with Me and My kingdom, calling it true religion.  They remain powerless because they have tried to hold onto an idol while calling on Me for help to relieve them of a burden which was probably caused by their idolatry of their nation and its rulers or leaders.  I cannot enter into their lives with My saving power as long as they are in unity with the demons of politics as their idols, of which Jesus warned many times. (Matthew 23:13-30)   He said that if you hold onto earthly leaders as your idols, then I cannot enter into your life with My saving powers.   Earthly political and religious leaders are human, just like you are, and they are tempted by the devil and yield to him just like you do.   When you make heroes of them, you make idols of them and you bind yourself to the same demons which influence and rule them.  So if you make humans your idols, you bind yourself to the demons who motivate them. 
    When I said that you must have no other gods before Me, I was telling you that the person, entity, organization, church or leaders whom you idolize are of the world and are motivated by evil, just as you occasionally are.  When you bind yourself to them by adoration, you bind yourself to the demons who motivate them.  (I Corinthians 10:19-21)  If you put them before Me, you restrict My ability to swoop in with My saving powers in answer to your prayers.  You are double minded, not single minded with Me as your Father of Love.
    If your thoughts are continually on your political party, your nation, your political or religious leaders, then you are bound to them in our mind.  You have left your first love, who is your Loving Father. 
    My standard against idolatry is for you to let Me, as your Loving Father, have first place in your heart and in your mind.  When you do, I am eager and able to swoop in to help you in times of trouble   When your heart is yielded to Me, My avenue into your situations is clear and has become the narrow way that leads to the abundant life which I am eager to deliver. (Matthew 7:13-20)
    Your Loving, Peaceful Father

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