Saturday, July 15, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   CAUTION!   When you see that sign you immediately become cautious in order to see what the danger is that to which you are being alerted.  You know that there must be a danger ahead or the sign would not be there, and your senses are sharpened so as to know how to avoid the problem.  The danger sign might be alerting you to a poison, an explosive, a large hole in which you could fall, a wild animal which could attack you or many other reasons for you to be careful.  Most of the time My children are sensitive to warning signs in order to protect their lives and their health.  However, often they are nonchalant and ignore the caution signs to their own demise, walking right into the dangerous situation rebelliously with no concern for their own lives.  They drink something which is clearly marked as poisonous to their bodies, they play with explosives as if they are toys, they curiously ignore signs pointing to large holes, and they bypass the warning signs pointing to areas where wild animals are known to be.  They take their lives into their own hands, it is said, meaning that actually they are prideful and think they know more than the authorities who posted the signs or wrote the warning labels.  Yes, they ignorantly, because of curiosity or just plain rebellion, test the limits just to see if the warnings are feasible. 
    My very own children are influenced by the devil to test the caution signs that I, as their Heavenly Father, wrote in My Instruction Book to all of My children.  The devil is the father of spiritual and mental rebellion.  Testing and trying My words of wisdom and knowledge which caution My children about dangers in their lives is at the basis of every one of his temptations.  If you will notice, when the devil tempted Jesus in His thoughts he said, "Has God said" this, that and the other.  The devil tried to entice Jesus to question My wisdom and knowledge and tried to poison the mind of Jesus so as to entice Him to do the opposite of what I instructed Jesus to do; that being rebellion in its truest form.  The devil told Jesus that He wouldn't really die if He ignored My warnings and did what I warned Him not to do or He would die.  Jesus did not fall for the tempting traps placed in His thoughts by the devil because He had My supernatural power to refuse to rebel against My cautions and warnings.  Jesus knew My words to be true and valuable to Him in His life on earth and in furtherance of His ministry. (Matthew 4:1-12)  Jesus commanded the devil to leave him and proclaimed that I am His Father and that He only answers to Me.
    My other children are tempted by the devil every minute of their days, tempted  to give no credence to My warnings and cautions which I spoke through Jesus and the new covenant prophets.  The devil causes them to bypass the warnings about loving their enemies, keeping peace with their human enemies who persecute, oppress or harass them, refusing to yield to angry thoughts, always returning good for evil done the them, praying for the people who injure them, call them names, or steal from them.  Instead of believing My cautions and warnings, they often fall for the temptations of the devil to retaliate and seek vengeance against people, even though I said not to seek revenge but instead to forgive everyone and allow Me to avenge you.  (Romans 12:14-21)  All of those warnings and cautions were given by Me to alert you to dangers which will come upon you if you obey the devil's temptations instead of taking My advice and keep peace with everyone.
   Heed the caution and warning signs written in My Instruction Book to you and the ones spoken in your mind by My Holy Spirit.  They identify all of the evil thoughts, attitudes and actions which I warn you against as being from hell which come into your thoughts in order for the devil to cause you to have hell on earth.   Instead of heeding the voice of the devil in your thoughts, you must heed  My words of love which I encourage you to do in order for you to have heaven on earth, which is My desire for you. (I Samuel 15:23)  Saul was in danger of losing his kingly benefits because of rebellion against My warnings which were given by Me to help him in governing his people.  I said that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft because they both come from the devil.
    Give value to My words of warning and caution.  I am your Father and everything that I do and say is to make sure that your life on earth reflects My life in heaven.  Goodness, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and love are the thoughts that I put in your mind.  Follow them and you will have heaven on earth.
    Your Loving Father

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