Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dear One,
Your spiritual enemies and My spiritual enemies work in extremes.
They work in these:
extremes in emotions, resulting in emotional instability or detachment;
extremes in reason, resulting in unbelief and philosophical ideology;
extremes in religion, resulting in separation from society, becoming exclusive;
extremes in control, resulting in loss of freedom;
extremes in discipline and punishment, resulting in beatings and even death;
extremes in politics, resulting in divisions, strife and wars;
extremes in consumption of food and drink, resulting in gluttony or alcoholism;
extremes in responsibility resulting in neglect of family;
extremes in irresponsibility resulting in failure to provide;
extremes in dress and undress, resulting in judgmental modesty or nakedness;
extremes in sexual appetite, resulting in enslavement and abuse;
extremes in physical exercise, resulting in obsession;
extremes in lack of exercise, resulting in sloth and physical ills;
extremes in work ethics or lack of work ethics; resulting in work obsession or poverty.
Remember that the devil always takes things of Mine and takes them to extremes. he is not original because he is not a creator. he has to take what I created as good and turns it into evil by taking it to extremes.
Keep that thought in your mind as you assess the viability of everything in your life, is it extreme or is it balanced? Is it beneficial or is it harmful? The extremes are harmful to you and they are the things with which the devil temps. he tempted Jesus with extremes. Remember how Jesus refused the temptations, quoting My balanced insight and instructions relating to each temptation. You can do the same. Be on the alert for extremes, for they will be presented into your life. Refuse anything that is extreme and unbalanced.
Love, God
Matthew 4:2-11; Galatians 5: 19-25

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