Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear One,

Blessings or curses, blessings or curses, it's a part of life.
Sowing seeds for blessings or sowing seeds for curses into your own life is the battle that you face regularly by thought, word and deed.
The easiest way to remember to sow blessings into your life is by allowing love to overflow from you to others, thus you fulfill My instructions to love Me and to love your neighbor as yourself.
Love for Me, love for yourself and love for everyone else, what better way to take My advice and populate the atmosphere around you with the healing power of love.
When you do inadvertently or accidentally sow strife seeds into your life and the lives of others, remember that I made it easy to reverse the curses that strife brings. You can restore the blessings by praying in the Spirit and then be led by My Spirit to ask forgiveness from others if I lead you to do so.
I am always alerting you to damaging habits which have cursed you in the past, the small ones and the large ones. When you see the good results from following My advice, then you will begin to have a heart filled with gratitude again. Also, the passageway from heaven is cleared again and you are in a position to receive more and more of your inheritance from being My child.
I desire that My blessings overflow into your life. When you decide that you want them, too, then you will heed My advice to keep every form of strife out of your life by cleansing your thoughts, words and actions. When you do that, you are cleansing My temple, your body, and making My presence in your life a priority. That's part of loving Me with your whole heart. When you love Me with your whole heart, you will love all of My children because I live in them.
My words are not idle words. They carry power to heal, to restore, to liberate, to bless, to encourage, to instruct in My ways so that your life will be filled with joy.
Make love your aim. Then My heavenly benefits will overtake you.
Love, God
Matthew 22:37-40; I Corinthians 6:19; Romans 8:28; Romans 13:8 -10

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