Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dear One,
If you will be attentive to Me I will warn you when the enemy is trying to invade the life of one of your family members. With My advance warning and your prayers we will get the evil thrown out quickly instead of allowing them to get a firm hold which will necessitate a more detailed and dramatic intercession on your part and a more intense battle on the part of My angels.
If you will confer with Me every moment of the day, keeping our eyes and mind upon Me and My personal words that I speak to you, we can keep you and your family protected from any invasions. This is good preventative strategy. I'll do my part and you will do your part.
I am working in your behalf at all times. Please be attentive to Me at all times to keep your family pure and clean spiritually. It will be much easier on you that way.
Use your morning and evening intercessions to order the steps for your family and to protect your family from invasions of the day. This will keep your camp clean and free from evil.
The first thing to get rid of is fear. Fear has been a controlling spirit in My family since man let satan into the earth. Fear is sneaky and subtle and it will hide behind many facades. Keep your family free from it.
Fear is behind every wrong decision that has been made by My children. Fear is debilitationg. Fear robs. Fear cuts off creativity. Fear stymies My plans. Fear immobilizes. Fear kills. Fear is responsible for failure. Fear breeds anger and bitterness and strife. Fear causes My children to shrink from opportunities that I have created for them. All negativity comes from fear.
Eradicate fear from your life and your family and then fill every nook and cranny with My Love and My confidence. You are My child. You don't need fear in your life. You need My Love in your life. Then fear has no power over you.
Love, God
Romans 4:20 & 21; II Timothy 1:12; James 5:20; I Peter 4:8; I John 4:18; Isaiah 26:3

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