Friday, May 28, 2010


Dear One,
Joy is the greatest antidote against the poisons of depression and fear of the enemy. You have watched joy chase depression out of a situation with great speed.
Joy positively affects the spiritual atmosphere in such a great way that the negative spirits of the enemy can't stay in the presence of joy.
If you could see in the spiritual atmosphere when you are joyful, when you are rejoicing, you would see negative spirits trying to close their eyes and ears to your laughter and happiness.
Joyful sounds and rejoicing sounds are like deafening gongs in the ears of depression and fear.
Use your joy for deliverance. You will see that My power is released when you bring forth joy out of your inner being.
Joy has its own power, too, just like love and peace have power.
Joy will also bring a sense of love to your emotions and peace to your mind because your are declaring that you are a victor and an over comer. Let joy go before you and also be your rear guard.
Love, God
Psalm 5:11; Psalm 16:11; Psalm 17:6; Psalm 32:11; Psalm 35:27; Psalm 51:12

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