Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear One,
What is a thorn in one person's side might not be a thorn in another person's side.
One thorn that is a real problem for My children is gluttony. It can invade a person's life and take over very quickly.
One form of gluttony is an excessive desire for food or drink. It causes many problems It is sly and deceiving.
Gluttony in relation to food poisons the organs of a person because of overloading them. Gluttony poisons the blood. Gluttony in relation to food poisons the cells of the body. It ages the body. It ages the mind; it attacks the spirit. Yielding to a gluttonous appetite brings guilt. It produces laziness. It perpetuates sloth. It can bring death. It destroys you mentally and physically.
Gluttony in relation to alcoholic drinks brings on death in many ways, by poisoning the body and mind and spirit. Alcoholism causes a person to act in ways that he would never act without the intoxication. Gluttony of alcoholic drinks causes people to kill and maim and abuse their loved ones. That is the devil's work. It starts with gluttony of drinking, which is based in greedily consuming drinks . It is greed in drinking.
An excess of entertainment is another form of gluttony, desiring to be constantly entertained in order to escape from making mature, reasonable decisions and mature, reasonable plans for the future. People don't realize this is a form of gluttony and makes a person slothful and nonproductive.
Excessive spending is another form of gluttony, spending money to satisfy a person's desire for things beyond what he needs when the finances are not readily available. That activity causes a person to become a slave to a lending institution, whether a banking institution or another person. Then he is bound to the usury of that entity, never escaping its demands.
Excessive hoarding is a form of gluttony. The more you own, the more owns you because it takes more care to preserve it. Lightening the load of possessions is freedom to My children.
Excessive activities is a form of gluttony, filling every moment of the day in volunteering or ministering for some institution results in your being overburdened to the point where you don't have time to commune with Me and hear My insights and wisdom and the revelation of My love for you. You lose your life to that institution.
Gluttony in relation to sports is overindulging in competition, which makes a person in opposition to everything and everybody in life. It will consume a person and fill his life with strife, always wanting to overpower another person's physical, mental or emotional gifts. It creates a life of rivalry, always opposing others.
Gluttony and greed are identical twins.
Gluttony takes many forms. Watch out for excess in everything and you will not be living in the binding ropes of gluttony, greed and opposition.
Free yourself from excessive food, excessive drink, excessive activities, excessive entertainment, excessive hoarding and excessive competition. Then you lighten the load on yourself, your family, your body, your mind and your spirit. You will be free at last to commune with Me and receive the living waters of life from Me, inheriting every good thing that you desire.
I warn you of these things like any good Father does, to protect you and keep you free from harm. Gluttony and greed are thorns that will breed physical, mental and spiritual infections.
Love, God
Matthew 5:38-48; Proverbs 23:21; Ephesians 5:17 & 18; Matthew 23:23-25

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