Friday, May 7, 2010


Some of my beautiful yard azalea's
Dear One,
You asked Me why the words of the Holy Spirit have been relegated to such a low position in the minds of people, even with some of My children.
Part of the reason is that many of My children fail to realize that I AM the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is Me. He is My omnipresence in the earth because We are One. Therefore He is God. The Apostle Paul spoke truth when he said, "The Lord is the Spirit."
Just like religious people failed to recognize Jesus as My Son when He was in the earth, men refuse to recognize My Holy Spirit as being Me in the earth today. The devil has blinded the eyes of men to the truth of the Holy Spirit and the devil has caused My words through the Holy Spirit to be looked upon as foolish babbling rather than powerful utterances. Jesus was ridiculed when He walked the earth and the Holy Spirit is ridiculed as He moves in the earth. The instigator of that ridicule is the devil and his demons.
I so loved the world that I gave My Son. I so loved the world that I gave My Holy Spirit. More precious gifts have never been given. However, the devil still ridicules both so that men will be reluctant to accept either gift. Today, those who receive My Spirit are viewed by others as being foolish people.
Will you raise Him, the Holy Spirit, to His place of honor in your life just like you raise Me and Jesus to a place of honor?
Will you honor the Holy Spirit's powerful words, raising them to the place of respect and honor that they deserve?
When you pray in the Words of the Holy Spirit, think about the fact that you are bilingual, speaking your native language at times and speaking My spiritual language in times of prayer. That should clear your mind of any ridicule, the fact that you are bilingual, at least. You have dual citizenship, in the world and in My Kingdom. Your primary citizenship is in My family, speaking My language. Often My children are trilingual or multi-lingual, but their primary citizenship is still in heaven.
My own children must give the prayer words of My Holy Spirit the place of honor and respect in their own minds before others will give them the honor and respect that My Holy Spirit deserves.
Honor every spiritual utterance, honor every intercession, honor every spiritual song, honor every spiritual prayer because they are My Words, the powerful Words of your Father given through the Holy Spirit in you.
Jesus honored My Words when He said they are spirit and life.
Yes, they are that, they carry spiritual power and they bring life abundant by speaking healing and redemption and restoration and creative power to bring My blessings and benefits to you and the rest of the world
The spiritual Words of the Holy Spirit are the gospel, for they are My power unto salvation for everything that concerns you.
We are one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We reside in you in the person of the Holy Spirit. You provide Us the temple, your body. We provide the powerful Words which change curses into blessings, mistakes into solutions and negative thinking into revelations which bring peace and joy and love.
Honor the Gift and honor the Giver of the Gift.
Love, God
II Corinthians 3:17; John 6:63; John 14:15 and 25-27; John 16:12-15; Acts 1:1-9; Acts 2:1-4

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