Monday, May 10, 2010


Dear One,
It is human nature to return evil for evil shown to you.
It is also human nature to return good for good shown to you.
It is of a supernatural nature to return good for evil shown to you. It is not only supernatural, but it defies all perceived laws of human nature.
People expect evil in return when they speak evil words or do evil deeds. When an evil deed is met with a good deed in return, then it is outside ordinary reactions and it is met with curiosity because of the surprise reaction. That confuses the person who is doing the original evil deed or speaking the evil words, and it opens him up to My supernatural and spiritual truths because he has observed supernatural behavior in return for his evil deed. That one supernatural act of returning good for evil might be the first introduction to supernatural behavior and supernatural truths he had encountered. Then evil has to shrink away because it has been met with a higher reaction, good instead of evil.
I said that when you return good for evil and when you love your enemies that you are called My children because you have reacted supernaturally instead of by the lower nature of men which is instigated by the devil.
My children return good because good is their supernatural nature that comes from Me, their Heavenly Dad.
When My children continue to return evil for evil they are sowing seeds for evil to return to them. It is also a reflection upon Me, their Father, and My image is tainted, while all the time I am doing good to all men, raining on the just and the unjust. My children must learn to be supernatural, just like I am, always returning good for evil, thus proving that you are My children.
Love, God
Matthew 5; Matthew 7:17-20; Matthew 12:35; Romans 12:14-21

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