Saturday, September 28, 2013


Dear One, Being inclusive of others is an attribute of My family. Being exclusive of others is snobbery, which is not an attribute of My family. Being inclusive expands your friendships and social horizons. Being exclusive restricts you in your friendships and makes a person narrow and judgmental. Loving compatibility, loving your neighbor as yourself, is what makes a person inclusive of others in life. Pride and a judgmental attitude are what makes a person exclusive of people of other denominations, religions, and people of other social standings and other races. Fear is at the basis of all judgmental attitudes, fear of being excluded yourself and fear of being exposed to some thoughts that might be contrary to your narrow and rigid thinking, thus making you doubt your own foundational restrictions. It is hard for My Spirit to give truth to My children who are exclusive, narrow, rigid and judgmental. Those mental blockages are what led people to reject Jesus when He walked the earth and displayed My character. His love for everyone who had a physical, mental or spiritual need was not the belief of people at the time because they had been taught that I was judgmental and condemning. Jesus changed the thinking of the people who had a need. He portrayed Me as the Father of love and Peace, which is My true character. Strive to become inclusive rather than exclusive. You will benefit and others will benefit. My family is a body, every part in need of the other parts. Love, God Romans 2:7-11; Matthew 23:2-13; James 2:1-13; Matthew 11:28-30; I Corinthians 12:12-26.

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