Friday, September 6, 2013


Dear One, Has it ever occurred to you that everything that I asked of My children was for their own benefit? There was never a commandment or some advice or some insight that I gave that was not beneficial for all of My children. I don't give commandments, advice, knowledge, wisdom or insights to My children just to be bossing them around like some human parents will do. I even give the reason for the admonitions so that you will understand and be more insightful in them, thus making it easier for you to willing take my advice. When I told you to love Me with all your heart, your soul and your mind and to love your neighbor as yourself, I was cautioning you not to worship idols set up by the devil which would avert your dependence from Me as your Father and make fathers for yourself of mere graven images made by men. When My children worship those false gods they put themselves and their families under the curses of the devil. I was protecting you and My children from curses when I gave that commandment. Only when you regard Me as your Father can you love your neighbor as yourself. When you worship other gods, false images, you will disregard the importance of your neighbor as your brother and sister and think of them as mere animals who are only due your disdain, hatred and you will devalue them in your mind, sowing seeds of strife against them which will curse you later on. When I told you to respect every governing authority, every boss, every policeman, everyone who has authority over you, that was not given for their benefit. It was given for your benefit because when My children refuse to do what is required of them by those people in authority, the ones in authority over them might unjustly punish, maim or kill them for their disobedience. My admonition was given for the protection of My children. Very often, the people who are in positions of authority over others will take on a spirit of control and wrath which will be aimed at their workers who are disrespectful and appear to be challenging to the authority of the boss. When you appear to be respectful of the position of the people in authority over you, you are free from their wrath. But, if you will seek me and My insight into the situation I will cue you in on whether to leave that situation or whether to stay and tough it out until the person or the position is changed. I can even move the abusive ones out of the position when My children come to Me for My insight, trusting that I know the heart of the person in authority and I know whether to leave or whether to stay, pray and forgive. There are people with an authority complex who are eager to fire you, arrest you, torture you, throw you in prison, all because you challenged their authority, cussed them, argued with them or ignored their orders and warnings. Submit to them while in their presence but seek Me for My insight into the matter. I might tell you to leave the job or family. I might tell you to stay and pray, depending upon the heart of the one in authority. I know their hearts and I know what to lead you to do. My concern is for you and your safety. Obeying those in authority over you will insure your safety. If you need to leave to escape unfair and injurious practices, I will prepare the way just like I did for the children of Israel when I parted the sea for them so that they could successfully leave. However, I told Joseph of the coat of many colors to stay in his place of imprisonment and I caused the rulers over him to respect and love him, giving him more gifts of prosperity than he ever would have had in being free. Then I blessed Joseph's family through him, giving them sustenance during the drought. Every situation is different, but the beneficial thing for My children to do is to obey those in authority over them for their own protection. Then if it is a bad situation for you, you must seek me on what is your way out of the situation. Yes, every instruction that I have given to My children has been for their benefit. Seeking Me for the way out of a bad situation is the key rather than openly rebelling and receiving the wrath of the one wh is in authority. You do the same for your children, give them meaninful advice. I do the same thing because I am the Father of Love. Love, God Matthew 22:37-40; Matthew 8:5-13; I Corinthians 2:1-4; Romans 13;1-3; Ephesians 6:5-9; Colossians 3:22-25; Exodus 15:4-5; Genesis 37:31-34; Genesis 39:2-6.

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