Sunday, September 22, 2013


Dear One,
Always find time for the people you treasure, the people who bring joy and love to your life. They are a part of your inheritance from Me, a delightful addition to your life, an extension of My love. Your connection to your loved ones is part of your connection to Me and My love which they show to you and your love which you show to them. Their connection to you is as important as your connection to them. Those connections are avenues through which love flows from Me to them and then on to you, and from Me to you and then on to them. Exchanged love always starts as perfect love coming from Me and oftentimes it becomes polluted in a person who has been hurt, injured, abandoned or rejected. Love given to you through the insecurities of another person is still love but it's through scars of imperfect love which has abused that person in the past. Your love is more important to that person than to an unscarred person. A person gives importance to the things he or she loves. You know that you have 100% of My love and My attention, as do all of My children. People say that time is valuable. It is valuable because of the amount of time you spend on what is important to you. If the major part of your time is spent on sports, entertainment and games rather then your loved one, then you have shown where your treasures are. If you time is spent on your family and other loved ones, then you have shown that you value them more than games, sports and your own entertainment. Every area of games, sports or entertainment should have its measure of time spent for good health, but time spent in spreading My love to your family, friends and strangers produces eternal results, showing what is really important to you. So many of My children feel like rejects, having been shunned by their families and others. That should not be done by My children to others. I am always there for you, available 24/7 for reinforcing My love to you. As My child, you are called to do the same to others. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. You are My treasure and My heart is always with you. Go and do likewise, showing others that you treasure them. Love, God Matthew 22: 35- 40; Romans 12:8-10; I John 3:1-3; John 3:16-17; Romans 5:6-11; John 13:34-36; John 15:12-17; I Corinthians 12:10-21; Matthew 6: 19-21

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