Monday, September 23, 2013


Dear One, There are people who are called to elected political service who have been called and anointed by Me to help in keeping your government running efficiently so that all the needs of the people are met and your resources are plentiful. They must, through laws, do what I anointed them to do, care for the orphans, widows, natural resources, schools, both the physically and mentally disabled, the people in prisons, the defense of the nation, and they must be efficient in money management. Those are the ones who use My wisdom in governing. There are people who are not called and anointed by Me, called by mere men, who want to promote their own idealistic endeavors, their extreme political philosophies which seem reasonable but do not promote the good of the people because they have their own agendas. Those are the publicans and Sadducees whom Jesus so strongly chided. They are the people who cause strife and unrest because they are theoretical rather than practical. The ones called by men rather than by Me are the ones you must avoid putting in office because they will forever be promoting strife which will cause all manner of problems in your nation, promoting strife which attracts every evil demon to your nation. Idealism is nonproductive but wisdom in always productive. How do you differentiate the idealistic ones from the wise ones? By their fruit you will know them. Where there is love, joy, the furtherance of peace, goodness, kindness and mercy to all people, faithfulness to family, and patience with other officials, there you will find wisdom. Where there is strife, wrangling, evil speaking, jealousy, selfish ambition, boasting, disorder, anger, dissension, there you will find idealism and self promotion. My righteousness is always sown in peace. That is how you know the fruit that comes from righteousness. Peace with all men is the fruit by which you know them. Love, God James 3:13-18; Galatians 5:16-25; Matthew 7:15-20; Matthew 12:33-37; Matthew 5;46-48; Proverbs 18:15; James 1:26-27.
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