Friday, September 13, 2013


Dear One,
When you plant seeds in a garden or when you place established plants in a garden, you have absolute faith that those seeds will germinate or those plants will eventually produce vegetables or fruit or flowers for you. You are 100% convinced of some kind of yield from those seeds, a crop to eat or food to consume. When the weather cooperates and when you take care of your part of the endeavor by watering and weeding, with the cooperation of the sun, there is no doubt in your mind, no wavering, 100% guarantee that you will have a good product, that you will harvest the produce, eat the bounty, or have a beautiful feast for your eyes. Your good seeds planted in the lives of people, your loved ones, your neighbors, your acquaintances, even strangers, will also be 100% guaranteed to produce a crop of love returned to you and love spread abroad in their lives. There is absolutely no doubt that love seeds always produce love crops. Remember the admonition to do unto others as you would have them do to you because it is guaranteed that what you do to others will, for sure, be done to you. Seeds sown will always produce the same plants. Turnips will not be produced from sweet potato plants. Hatred will not be produced from unconditional love seeds. Like crops come from like seeds. Likewise, negative thoughts, words and actions that are sown in the lives of your family and other relationships will also produce a negative crop of thoughts, words and deeds returned to you. It's impossible for positive things to be produced from negative seeds that you sow. The negative seeds sown will speedily produce strife filled crops for you if you continue to water them with negative, griping, murmuring, curse filled words. If that is the crop planted and the water with which you have watered it, you will live a miserable life, cursed in every area. The universe is your Garden of Eden. Whatsoever seeds you plant will grow and produce either blessings or curses. Plant unconditional love seeds and live the abundant life. Love, God Matthew 7:11-14; Matthw 12:35; Matthew 13:18-23; James 3:2-18; John 10:10.
photo from sapphiresmoonbeams

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